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We all have have dreams and we all daydream. We sometimes spend so much thinking that we lose tract of one very important thing. What? Wait no more. Grab yourself some coffee, a chair and park yourself on the floor. I don't want you to get too too comfortable here.
These writings are free verse and inspired by real life experiences. If you are having hard time in letting go, try to read this and think carefully of what you are going through. May this page enlighten you a little and get you back to reality. Enjoy reading!
This poem is dedicated to Wikinut.Its closure will be so painful for writers like me.Though I been inactive for many months, but my heart always beats for my love for wiki site.My heart aches,but we have to move on our ways.
Religion is ultimate absolute faith in God,It is well known fact that faith brings God but argument makes it far. Religion makes the person humble and wide tolerance towards each and everyone,Those who are religious have ample faith in existence of the Gods and the Goddesses.
Some think they are above others,Narcissistic in nature.What secretes are they hiding............Why so bitter?
A couple of haiku's I've written on various topics. This batch involves haiku about my parents, breastfeeding, resentment and gluttony. Hope you find time reading these short poetry.
Some people think that once a relationship ends you can sever all ties. What about those that love and lose, but have to remain in each others' lives because of the children? Dealing with the ex you can't get rid of is hell!!
When the sun beats down on this old world it leaves it cracked and dry ......but how does God see it ... and does He care ?
No more than a boy he leaves home for a new life. The people he leaves behind are cold and lost. He makes a good life but his past haunts him and returns as an observer, then happy he made the right choice a ghost of the past fades away.
The Invisible Man poems are a tribute to a beautiful little friend. The world has lost a real angel her beauty cheer all.
A young boy lives in misery he hates where he is and decides it is time to go.
Many years ago a boy was banished from his community and he made some wrong turns. Here is a small part of that tale.
A soul destroying job that will last a lifetime. Working in an Iron foundry six days a week. Too tired to enjoy a Sunday off with family.
The ability to forgive another person is viewed by some as a weakness, as in you have no choice. Forgiving another person is the greatest choice you can make because it helps to keep you healthy. If you are unable to forgive, you take on a awesome burden that hurts you more than the...
We are still talking about the practical reality of the Agape Love in Marriage and in the Biblical Love Psychology series (part IV in particular) which talks about working for Love to make it grow, we learnt, there are some certain things we need to do to preserve or strengthen the So...
The implied sensual stirrings of the deep, foreboding unconscious' sublime artistic sexuality reside deep under obvious deceptively stilled waters; apt to erupt at any moment.
The bitter scars, leaves a mark which is like burning tempers climax with the haunting symphony of hurt, welling up inside, and the soul is huddled up in helpless defiance.
I was seized by a sudden flood of concepts and had to grab the nearest bit of scrap paper. The notes grew of their own accord into a rather interesting structure. It's lovely when months of writer's block are interspersed with occasional surges of inspiration. :) A bit of almost-Evane...
Innoncence is always present, though it may be masked by many layers of unfulfilled living in confusion and despair. No one remains without the effective tools to dig out of a hole. Of course, there's an sturdy tall invisiable ladder at one's disposal when ready, able and inclined to ...
Ooh, narcissism! Generally I don't indulge in it to this extent, but eh. Loss of love often brings out the worst in people. This poem is one of the bravest things I've ever written, because it makes me look so awful. :P
Some days, it's all too easy to forget that it is ultimately you who controls your mind, your perspectives, your life.
I do believe the darker side of my muse has come out to play.
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