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If Akhilesh can convince Mayawati, his aunt (bua) to join the Mahagatbandhan, leaving aside all their differences, there could be a formidable alliance to take on Narendra Modi’s NDA.
Rahul Gandhi Speaking In Hafiz Saeed’s Language: BJP Leader On JNU Row
It is for the first time that two political adversaries of Bihar, Nitish Kumar & Lalu Prasad Yadav,hitherto sworn enemies in Indian Politics for nearly two decades, joined hands and came together to fight Narendra Modi and BJP in Bihar. The caste arithmetic they formed eventually won ...
I think she cannot plead innocence considering that she is an advocate.
This article throws light on the role played by the media which has seized the opposition space in India. With persistent reporting, it has been able to generate public pressure and this has forced the government of the day to take cognisance of important matters of public interest.
In the recently held Delhi State elections, which was under the lens of not only Indian media and public, but International media also, Aam Aadmi Party lead by Arvind Kejriwal won by a thumping majority, exceeding all expectations. Will they deliver, or will they fizzle out like other...
Recent election results for Delhi assembly and its implications
This is for the real power holders in the Democracy, The people to stay up to date about what solutions their representatives have came up with.
Prakash Tandon, the first Indian Chairman of the then Hindustan Lever Limited, said that their parent company Unilever Plc identified Dr. Ashok Ganguly, then an executive in Hindustan Lever, and posted him in their UK office. They trained him and gave exposure to him in many areas and...
Addressing a rally in Maharashtra's Latur district, Rahul Gandhi unleashed his new found aggressive side on Congress' Énemy No.1-Narendra Modi.
The formation of government with the support of congress can be a foolish act by a wise person. With this single act Arvind Kejarwal has helped BJP to boost their image and popularity.
Narendra Modi is racing ahead to be the PM of India in the 2014 polls.
Here i have given my reviews about the congress party, it could lose the next election
The BJP is a Hindu revivalist party, that some how has not been able to capture the imagination of the Indian masses.Perhaps one of the reasons is that it is percieved as party of the higher castes.
BJP has selected as its representatives, men and women who are the anti-thesis of what the God Ram preached
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