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It’s that time of year again – Black Friday 2017. Got a lot of women on your holiday shopping list and want to take advantage of some great deals on awesome gifts they’ll love? Here are five of the best things to buy on Black Friday for women.
As a photographer, you’re always going to be on the lookout for costumes, props, accessories, and added extras to make your shoots look as creative and professional, or even as kooky, as they can possibly be.
Black Friday used to be the day when by default the stores went "into the black", but now it is just a way to exploit low wage earners and take them away from their families on Thanksgiving.
In the struggle for women's rights which stems well over a century, some women made great strides in changing the social mores of the day. The plight of the poor is an ongoing topic in women’s issues and women’s rights. This series will look women in the Great Depression.
There are bargains to be found but also quite a lot of left over good no one wants. Read on
The Friday after Thanksgiving is such a complete opposite as the reason we have a holiday season at all and yet, many still participate in the yearly craze.
First we had Thanksgiving. Then we had Black Friday, and so on. One wonders where will it end?
Black Beauty..Nature and humans have a love of blackness.. as black horses are beautiful are many women
People will brave injuries and even death to save money on Christmas presents.
After Thanksgiving Day, comes Cyber Monday Madness. It is a an exciting event for shoppers where department stores and online retail shops offers huge discounts, special offers, free shipping, coupons, and more. Shoppers can take advantage of these offers, but sometimes fall into...
Seven seven years ago, JF Kennedy who stood for equal rights and true democracy was shot dead by narrow minded politics or fanatic selfishness. What caused this dreadful event is still a mystery. But there are countless people who live for equality and freedom and worship this hero on...
Black Friday is ready for the kickoff of the black Friday. American market is ready with colorful ads and hooks. Today the focus is on the pockets: is there money or credit card? The American market is ready for the game. Are you ready?
The election fever in the US is almost over. Sandy has come and gone leaving great question marks behind. The sun has come out today after many gloomy days. With a great sigh, the Americans look at the holidays ahead. Is it time for holiday shopping?
Online shopping is a year-round activity of people especially for women, (some look at it as a hobby or a stress releasing activity). Save some money by taking advantage of the deals and coupons which retailers offers especially during Cyber Monday and Christmas Holiday season.
Black Friday is another American Business trick to promote business to the busiest level on the following day of Thanksgiving Day. Since Thanksgiving Day is always observed on a Thursday the following day, being a Friday, falls on a Friday and it is called Black Friday.
Ever wonder why we call the day after Thanksgiving, the first shopping day for Christmas, Black Friday. I think there's more to it than originally thought. Follow me as my mind meanders through the relevance of the term, and how it may have come to be.
More than a celebration of gratitude to God for what we have, the day of Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the season expenses.
A few different ads for Black Friday sales in the Houston area.
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