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Black people buy their Kentucky Fried Chicken inside the store. White people buy it at the drive through window. So, remember what ethnicity you are, and buy through your race's dedicated distribution channel. So Mr. Specter seems to think anyway...
the American Negro is better off in America than anywhere else in the world, though he may be discriminated against
This is a poem about black and white and how a ten year kid learned of a hate he had no idea existed, as he was brought up to believe we are all the same. That were all equal. It is also a true story.
Racism and bigotry are deep rooted in America's society. African-Americans and other minorities face tremendous challenges every day. It is easy to spot overt racism, but the covert, institutionalized racism that are the most difficult.
Noam Chomsky, in an interview, has argued that blacks, who were first brought to America as slaves in 1619, have lived very few of those 400 years as free human beings.
Black Beauty..Nature and humans have a love of blackness.. as black horses are beautiful are many women
Why is Voter ID such a big deal? It should be kept intact to keep voting process fair just like any other process that requires identification to make sure you are you!
Race relations and injustice in America as opposed to discrimination on a large scale around the world. Not everybody sees Blacks in the same understanding light as white-guilt ridden-Liberal America does. This article is open for discussions in a civil manner.
Immigration was meant to improve anyone's living conditions, but I doubt it's an improvement for them if they have to beg in the streets, to deal with drugs or prostitution.
Gandhi is a great man , but he had chinks and considered blacks and Lower caste Hindus as inferior. More research in this field needs to be done.
President Barack Obama says the United States needs to figure out how to make African-American boys and young black men feel included in society.
Christianity was an instrument of oppression and 300 years of history is long time that it did this.
The Blacks constitute a distinct ethnic group in America. They now have many sites for them as a sign of exclusivity.
When Disneyland's rabbit character behaved in an overtly racist way toward a couple of African American kids, the family sued.
The black in America was slaved for almost 2 centuries. His psyche is now dominated by violence
This is a short paper I presented as part of my research project many years ago. It covers some of the historical, ethical, social, and legal issues surrounding the implementation of Affirmative Action policies and the subsequent controversies they created.
Black men are seen with white women on their arms. It seems a one way traffic
The Mulatto is a obsolete word now. It represents the offspring of a Black White relationship
The blacks have been discriminated by the white man in America and it cannot be denied that Christianity condoned it.
The War on Drugs is a manifestation of institutional racism. It specifically targets African-Americans and Latinos.
The popular image of suburbia, in America and much of the English-speaking world, is that of a sort of Wisteria Lane inhabited by desperate housewives; with neat two-storey houses, manicured lawns and sun decks – and overwhelmingly white. This is changing.
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