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What can cause blood to mysteriously disappear on one's kitchen floor? Is it the supernatural? Is it like in the old days when people slaughtered something to cook some meat? There are quite a few possibilities. So what could have caused it in the case of Marzeus discovering unexp...
A little bit of poetry every now and then lightens the heart, sharpens the emotions and fuels the need for possibly anything. That's the blessing and curse, for being a writer.
Thrombocytes (or platelets) are a vital part of our natural defense against bleeding. This article gives some information on thrombocytes, their function and medical situations related to thrombocytes.
External Bleeding Can Be A Serious Thing, Learn The Symptoms And How To Deal With External Bleeding, Please Keep Reading To Learn More.
Most men and women are concerned about the safety of sex during pregnancy. In most situations the sex during pregnancy is safe.
Cancer is still a problem because of many myths and lack of understanding. Especially community still lack of understanding the early symptoms of cancer.
In every family with children cases of injuries,bruises, burns, scalds, stings, sprains and other such accidents are often seen. Homoeopathy can easily and effectively be used to cure such cases.
To watch, to behold, the agony of our nation as she is being killed – liberty thrown away!
I was called to help an old lady who fell. I would like to share the story and discuss my thought on the subjects. I would love to hear comments and opinions from you as well.
Aspirin has been the hope of heart patients for many years. But recent studies and opinions have dwindled the number of people going for aspirin, fearing its side effects.
Leo is my 6 year old golden retriever, but right now he can't retrieve anything. read on to find out more.
Life isn't easy but it's even harder when life's challenges bring me down. Poetry is a great avenue for me to purge out, or fight off all toxic feelings, behaviors, or thoughts that might be holding me back. And I believe that others can relate to the same feelings as me and share the...
When having a baby doesn't mean that your sex life is over! Quite the contrary. Learn how to enjoy a beautiful intimacy while bringing a new life in the world.
An ode a soldier fallen in combat. Depicts the ultimate sacrifice and the cruel twists of Fate that make the reality of war so desolate. To live by the sword is to die by the sword.
This Is What You Should Do In Case Of An Emergency: The treatment principles remain the same for any injury whether you gashed yourself open on a sharp rock, stick or a blade sliced you open: - try to control the bleeding as soon as possible.
Today's world we always get hurt somewhere or the other because its genuine but using first aid is the top priority required a must at any given time,Sometimes people think twice to get a first aid kit from the chemist because it costs they don't understand that sometime even if they ...
A bit dramatic perspective of a broken heart. But, the truth is a bit dramatic at times, isn't it?
This article was inspired by my son who fell and cut his head, which left me in a state or panic but my mom with her belief in home remedies saved the day.
There is often confusion between a concussion and a contusion which this article will try to unravel and hopefully make clear.
The heart of our nation is bleeding. None of the policies seemed to making it right, all ideas have lost its strength in the addiction of daily argument, and poverty and death is a stronger drug crueler than before.
Ok we have covered our ABC's S.A.M.P.L.E now it's time to cover some of the injuries you might encounter. I have also included the different types of bleeding, and the scale of urgency attached to each type. But again remember you always must protect yourself scene safety and GLOVES ...
Remember we had our ABC's in the previous post, well now I am going to introduce you to S.A.M.P.L.E, I know I hear you ask whats with the alphabet chris, well believe me it works. I and every other first responder uses this system and it's brilliant. If you go through it you will le...
If you are panicking now over situation that you are seeing in the world, just wait until things hot up a little more, you will be bleeding from the heart.
The Ebola virus is a hemorrhagic virus. It was first reported in the Ebola River Valley in the Republic of Congo, which was formerly Zaire. This virus destroys the interior of the blood vessels and is transmitted by bodily fluids.
To prevent victim from certain worst condition like blood loss or anemia, the health care provider should have knowledge about controlling bleeding.
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