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Guru Gobind Singh is one of the greatest figures in Indian history. He launched the Khalsa by a baptism in 1699 to fight the bigoted Muslim rulers. He succeded and and is reverred by both Hindu and Sikh people.
Everybody wants that lucky break, until they realize that it is better to get it with understanding, experience and purpose, no matter how much they temporarily fail in a short range way.
Blessed I am being one of your creation, God your worthy to be praised. All adjectives is not enaugh to describes you. All I know your my Creator, Saviour and my Everything.
I am truly blessed to have these five precious angels and have the opportunity to take care of them when they were still a baby.
A glimpse of my memories of our Beloved Pope John Paul II. I was only 10 then, But I can still remember what had transpired on that special day in our city.
This page will tell you more about charities and why donations are given to them. These will include charities that actually help those in need.
The poem highlights on love and blessings. No doubt, where there is love, there will be a blessing, both goes in parallel. - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Many people refer to themselves as blessed. But, what makes them believe that they are bless? Does something specific has to happen for a person to be blessed? Is being blessed simply the way that you live your life? In my quest to understanding God, I think about the situations surr...
Inspired by how people seem to obsess over little things that don't matter.
Many years ago I wrote this poem about my experience when I was first saved out of the great pathway to destruction. It held true then as it does today.Although I am a lot more wiser now, I still love God and Christ Jesus as I do now, more so in fact.
Everyone should be thankful for each blessings. No matter how small you assume them to be. Become one with your annoited inner gift. Even though there may be times when your blessings may seem to be over shadowed. Continue to count your blessings by the second daily.
A sonnet to love and its wonderful multitude of blessings.
This is such a beautiful time of year when the Forsythia bush explodes into glorious colour , brightening the dullest day ..... along with other beautiful reminders of Springtime.
I was reading a poster with the words -' The Lord shall guide you continually - you shall be as a watered garden ' - and this poem was birthed from that -
This is a poem I wrote for Easter Day and read it in our Cafe Church Service ..
In this world is it about perspective or reality? It's about reality and time dictates what that reality truly is.
This is my understanding of Psalm 103 - and of all the Benefits that I see in these wonderful words .
Grateful for all the blessings God has given me especially blessing me with my husband.
The whole Creation is ever alive and on the move. There is no end when there is no beginning! Enjoy the ride for eternity, taking all as part and parcel of existence and enriching every moment. Realism is our best companion in this ride.
April Poem a Day Challenge Day 11 Season poem. In this case Spring.
April Poem a Day Challenge Day 23 a morning poem. About being grateful about what mornings and other times of the day brings us.
I have finally got around to writing another constitutional amendment which I would like to see in our United States Constitution. I have already written a 28 regarding term limits on senators and representatives. This particular amendment would require a U.S. citizen to pass a test t...
Pain Is G-d's Way To Bring You Close. A Pain which will ultimately lead to faith.
I wrote the first stanza more than a month ago. Today I just worked it out because I wanted a prompt and it came out in 10 minutes. This is a wistful work, and looking at how much the world has changed for the worst...
personal poem showing I feel blessed to have/done what many people may not have/done
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