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We all go back to where we started. The primitive, plain and non-complex living with the basics.
Thoughts on our usage of words, and recommendations for their best usage
God orders that a census be taken of the males from twenty years old and upward in all tribes except the Levites.
Isaac and Rebekah, afraid that Esau will make good on his threat to kill his brother, send Jacob away to live with his mother's relatives.
With the help of his mother Rebekah, Jacob contrives to steal his brother's blessing.
Everybody wants that lucky break, until they realize that it is better to get it with understanding, experience and purpose, no matter how much they temporarily fail in a short range way.
God tempts Abraham by telling him to take his son Isaac, the boy who had been born to him and Sarah in their old age, and sacrifice him as a burnt offering.
Online writing sites leave their door open for almost all to showcase their talent. The more the merrier seems a cliche but some have less than good intentions, sadly. On the other hand, contributors too should play their part to enhance the sites through quality inputs that stand the...
A word of encouragement to comfort and strengthen you as you walk with the Lord
Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the first day of the season of Lent. Ash Wednesday is one of the most important dates in Western Christianity, yet many, if not most of today’s Bible believing Christian don’t know the real meaning of Lent or the special days in Lent— March 5 - Ash Wed...
"The joy of my heart since she's a baby. I will do everything to make her happy. I pray that someday she will be, the best person she can ever be.."
It is such a pleasure to sit in the winter sunshine.
We have many choices in life. We have own passions and comfort zones. We need to keep them in mind so that our lives are rewarding and enriching.
Blessing your food removes negative energy so it does not end up in your body. For example: how was an animal or plant killed? Was it violent, shock involved? What was the attitude or emotional state of the workers that worked around the plants or animals you eat? The machines, pa...
Many people refer to themselves as blessed. But, what makes them believe that they are bless? Does something specific has to happen for a person to be blessed? Is being blessed simply the way that you live your life? In my quest to understanding God, I think about the situations surr...
This is a huge shift that could change life as we know it. Why has no one taken this on yet? Maybe I have a limited and naive view, but I don't think the concept is impossible at all. It would take work, it would take listening very deeply to God/Spirit and a community ready for chang...
A tale about lions in india and a man who recues them
This article throws light on subject of peace, harmony, blessings and love in the month of Ramadan through many tv shows. Among many the most famous is Aaman Ramadan by Amir LIaqat.
Lack of cooperation and cohesion are preventing us from realizing our true potential. When we accept the reality that we sink or swim as one, we then inch towards the doors of heaven on earth.
This is a poem praising a very beautiful young lady who is above the league and beyond the class of the person reciting it. They are both in different worlds, but somehow they got hooked up and the poet then composes a poem to tell the world of his miraculous blessing and how undeserv...
Sr. Joan Chittister, a renowned Benedictine nun and prolific author speaks to the burdens and blessings which are encountered by the elderly.
Regardless of faith or how we believe there are always times in life left with questions and no logical answer that fits what is and how it came to be. Blessing are magical and more surround us than what are often realized. Always searching for the logic and not realizing some things...
Learning to let go and let God. Knowing He is able.
We always see people around us who inspires us and open our minds, souls and hearts to our purpose in life. Some of the people around me, made me realize that the purpose of my life is to Serve God and humanity.
8th in the More Than Series. This one about how life is more than just living.
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