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Doing something different and out of my ordinary this morning. I'm going to be telling you a little story, but first, let me ask you a hypothetical question: Have you ever just sat back, feeling numb and like your head was in the clouds, know where you wanted to go, where your suppos...
Well, it's again Thursday, it's again 11-o'clock in the morning, and I once again am struck with blindness and a splitting headache.
Around 11 o'clock this morning, I start to lose my sight partly. The last time such a thing happened was first in 1993, then in 1998/1999, and now again in 2012. Today it just gets worse and worse.
Sometime labels we put on people are important to get them medical help and so on but other times they are just needless references to show unnecessary differences.
With the help of his mother Rebekah, Jacob contrives to steal his brother's blessing.
The French banks are completely uninterested in sustaining entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurs of France have well understood that.
A blind man's fear of the dark is a question that a sighted person would hardly ever consider because surely in blindness there is no knowledge of light and darkness but of course a large percentage of the blind were at one time sighted so the concept of light is entirely rational and...
Blind child has cane taken away over supposed bus later claims misunderstanding.
The piece is talking about how different meaning can be conveyed through the simple word Colours. The was used to define people and social status in the past and also to change the way people thought with respect to the time and age the lived in. Colours and painters brought about the...
A tribute to my late father who was also my greatest teacher.
I once read somewhere that ‘patience is the greatest of all virtues and the least understood‘. The Biblical Job was a man whom even his best friends did not understand but whose name today, is synonymous with patience.
Under the Bridge - by Jeannie Meekins (2013) - Children's Novel E-Book approximately 40 pages Under the Bridge is a beautifully written and illustrated tale of two friends who teach each other that how others perceive them is not how they must perceive themselves. Highly recommended ...
Helen Keller overcame virtually impossible odds to become an educator, author, lecturer and inspiration to millions. Here, we take a look at her remarkable life and examine her horoscope.
I met a girl in her teens. She carved her name on the tablet of my life.
A day in the life of an elderly patron at a neighborhood bar.
Deaf dumb and blind We all are and at times have to be to maintain HARMONY
This is actually an article I wrote before that got a lot of feedback on another site, but I have added a twist to it from an experience yesterday!
Remembering those in-between years when one is not sure if he/she wants to be an adult or remain a child.
A blind man is led to different places of beauty but he cannot see. He can only feel and touch.
Based on knowledge that were reassessed every years for decades, and made with very thousand participants aged between 43 and 86 years, the survey has shown a significant increase in the risk of blindness.
A poem about a blind man who cannot see natures glories.
A restaurant with gourmet food which is served in complete darkness puts you on the same footing as the waiters who are all visually impaired.
Would you like to be always fooled? No one wants to be fooled all the time. Maybe it is about time you stand up for yourself and see the reality.
~baby boomer hell~coming of age upside out~downside in~where the hell did my kids go~when I’m trying to figure out where I put my framitz~find some other damned thing~forget what I was looking for in the first place~wondered if I’d ever see an alien~look in the mirror~there ya hav...
This is my humble tribute to Andrea Bocelli, his song attached to the poem, inextricably. Thanks for reading and listening.
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