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Glutathione, being the most prevalent endogenous antioxidant, can neutralize oxidative stress or free radicals. It also has the ability to repair damaged cells, which will result to healthy tissues and healthy organs.
Lassa fever disease occurs more often in the dry season, rather than in the rainy season. There have been reports of over 40 deaths in 12 states of Nigeria within the last one year alone.
Florence Rena Sabin is one of the first women in science who made a considerable contribution to her field of study.
In a study involving 120 patients with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction and chronic periodontitis, 60 patients received treatment for their gum disease, while the other half did not. These test subjects filled out questionnaires about their erectile function, and patients who r...
The Blood divided into 2 patrs : - The plasma - The Cells
Leukemia is the cancer of the blood. It arises due to uncontrollable growth of abnormal white blood cells in the bone marrow to form leukemia cells. There are several treatment options for this disease depending on certain vital factors
Poor circulation can be something as simple as sitting the wrong way for to long, or it can be a much more serious condition. If you suspect you may have poor circulation, it is important that you talk to your doctor as soon as you can. You can use these useful tips to help increase y...
What a joy when you know you're pregnant. Future dads are happy with the news and you start thinking about their future .... Boy or girl? That's the first question that assaults the prospective parents.
The basic physiologic defect caused by anemia is a decrease in the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood and consequently a reduction in the amount of oxygen available to the tissues. Most of the clinical manifestations are directly attributable to tissue hypoxia. Muscle weakness and easy...
Proteins are essential elements for body building. The 20% of the human body is composed of protein. It is an integral part of all the body tissues and all the living cells that can be found in the muscles, organs, glands, blood cells, enzymes, hormones, antibodies, bones, teeth, skin...
Closed fracture can become open fracture. Damage to skin, nerves and tissue. Increased bleeding and swelling. Pain and shock.
Children love it and Adults still drink it. Milo is good for those who enjoy chocolate and malt with their milk, and who doesn't?
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