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Glutathione, being the most prevalent endogenous antioxidant, can neutralize oxidative stress or free radicals. It also has the ability to repair damaged cells, which will result to healthy tissues and healthy organs.
For thousands of years, various cultures have used natural substances to lower blood glucose. A study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry described testing 49 of these. Only 10 were shown to be effective in this particular study design.
Now that, you know what feline diabetes is, your fears are beginning to dissipate. Now it is time for us to take a closer look at what this diagnosis means for you and your pet. It is not a death sentence for your companion. Feline diabetes can be treated and controlled. Your furry fr...
There are several different ways to track you loved pet's glucose level—PU/PD, Dipsticks and Blood Tests. After learning about these three methods, you will need to chose the one that you are most comfortable using because, as the caretaker of a diabetic cat, you will have to monit...
You do not have to be a veterinarian or a veterinarian technician to check your furry friends BG level at home. You will need some basic supplies and you will have to learn how to use them, but you can do the practicing on yourself to minimize the discomfort for your furry companion. ...
Mulberry leaves are hoped to become a super food in the near future with material properties perhaps with preventative effects against childhood and adult diseases such as diabetes.
Fruit juice, while a staple in most children's, teen's and adult's diet, is actually extremely unhealthy for you, unless it's completely organic or freshly squeezed.
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