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Increase metabolism means losing weight in a healthy manner with a balanced diet based on the food pyramid without trouble dieting is standard.
The Chinese big rules is bribery and prostitution,overall must be dirty or dark,otherwise the life is hopeless.
Glutathione, being the most prevalent endogenous antioxidant, can neutralize oxidative stress or free radicals. It also has the ability to repair damaged cells, which will result to healthy tissues and healthy organs.
The Bible is a bloody book. There is no doubt about that. People are human, and humans sin. Only blood can atone for these sins. Find out more about what the Bible says on sin, and why it is important to never forget the blood, when talking about God and the Bible.
God continues his discourse on the law and although no one disputes what he says at the time, many would question certain of the commandment today.
Here in Bulgaria we believe in grandma’s wisdom and the ancient traditions as well. That’s why very often we use natural methods for healing many symptoms. Many people suffer from very high blood pressure which couldn’t be healed at all due to the specialists. In fact, it could ...
Egg’s shell is a natural source of minerals and contains 90% calcium. Calcium is easily absorbed by our body because its chemical composition is almost identical to human’s teeth and bones.
This poem is about a girl begging for her lovers love
God instructs Moses as to how and when the priests should enter the holy place. He gives further instruction regarding moral and Sexual laws.
On the eighth day the ceremony commences once more but two of Aaron's sons offer strange fire that God has not commanded and both die.
Here we read of the Consecration of Aaron and his sons who have been chosen by God to be the priests of Israel.
"Morning!" Marzeus greets Lassie. Lassie in her usual suppressed style that says "Just don't think I'm gonna give you unnecessarily too much respect, cuz I think I'm just as important as you!", says morning, but then the old woman as usual starts blabbing away her usual new chatstor...
What can cause blood to mysteriously disappear on one's kitchen floor? Is it the supernatural? Is it like in the old days when people slaughtered something to cook some meat? There are quite a few possibilities. So what could have caused it in the case of Marzeus discovering unexp...
God calls Moses up into the mountain where he remains for forty days and forty nights. Meanwhile the people below get restless.
The Last of the plagues brings the death of all the firstborn in Egypt, both man and beast. The children of Israel leave Egypt but are pursued bu Pharaoh's armies.
Moses and Aaron try to persuade pharaoh to let the descendants of Jacob go on a three day journey into the wilderness to worship the Lord.
Multiple myeloma is the second most common blood cancer. Here is an everview of available treatments and prognosis for a very common disease
When Joseph’s brothers arrive in Egypt he recognizes them immediately but they of course, don't know him.
Lassa fever disease occurs more often in the dry season, rather than in the rainy season. There have been reports of over 40 deaths in 12 states of Nigeria within the last one year alone.
Africa sited as the most favorite holiday destination, Well, If it's so great, how come people living here are finding it better to be floating off shore in life jackets in their 1000's, rather than sitting back home sipping daiquiris on a deck chair in a resort, game lodge or out i...
In a study involving 120 patients with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction and chronic periodontitis, 60 patients received treatment for their gum disease, while the other half did not. These test subjects filled out questionnaires about their erectile function, and patients who r...
A real life Vampire and her reasons for feasting on the blood of others
I wrote this article as part of the requirement for a wonderful online course I took called "42daysofwriting." This course taught us how to write in the flow of consciousness genre letting my ideas flow on paper without reservation.
HemoLink sampling device invented by Tasso Inc, it is easy to use to take blood samples without needles.
This article talks about war, how war changes and destroys life and persuades many with false promises. War is destruction, war is endless corruption and we should all fight to put an end to it for a better world!
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