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Like humans, animals lend themselves to aggression but only in matters of self-defense or self-preservation. This natural instinct in the latter is induced and stoked by the former in the arena of spectator sport. - Jamie
While there have been Apocalypses throughout the tenure of Hellion recorded history, each Apocalypse came at the equinox of an age. Along with this equinox came a major offer of evacuation from those best able to help the citizens of this earth, Angorius. But how many “KNOW” what...
What hope is there for humanity? It seems that friction is a greater part of our lives today than at any time in the past. Do we listen to those facing trouble? It seems as if society is deeply divided and few seem to to be listening to those who face the deepest of challenges.
A true story and senseless act carried out by heavily armed forces for reasons that have an undertone of revengeful and uncivilized based structures as it is typically acted out on helpless and unresisting humans, and is never the less barbaric in its very nature.
To have political independence, a region must also have a sound economic one, not having to rely on foreign investment such as it´s always been in Euskadi and Catalunya.
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