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The sweet singing of birds in the woods and quaint bluebells in their hoods ...
Sijo, Haiku, Senryu and Ninette have their own forms, they limit as well as enhance the imagery of poems.
What a wet winter it was, but not so cold in England. Is Spring arriving, or should we keep our woolies on? Can the weather man really know? Read on to find out more
A man wanders through the countryside on a summer day. He is lost and tired. He sits in soft grass and listens to nature and has a surprise.
Long before time winter covered all the world. A beautiful winter queen ruled, all was cold, all was white.
I have recently returned home after visiting the beautiful County of Kent , which displays the glorious generosity and beauty of an all-loving God ...walk with me through His kindness ..
The evil Minstrel and his Pipers were beaten by a rose and her Bluebell Warriors. The Pipers piped away time and they waited on a black planet on the edge of eterinity. Back to when there was no time. They waited for eternity to pass, to wait for the earth to be born again, to wreck r...
The minstrel returns with his pipers. The play tunes to rock the earth while the minstrel dances his enchanted dances. Dances from ancient times, magical dances learned from before the world was made, dances to turn feathers to polished stone. Dances that can raise the dead.
Hope is a wise hermit and lives deep in the woods. He talks of many things his knowledge is deep and his understanding is deeper, but he stays away from most people he dosn't like their greed and their gift of ruining things.
A minstrel and his pipers pipe the end of the world. His tunes play as the world dies and tears are frozen forever.
A loved one is very ill and her partner finds it very hard to cope. He takes a walk in the woods to try to clear his mind
The flowers of the forests in the spring time. The bluebell the loveliest of them all. Spring would not be Spring without the Bluebell.
My garden contains the magic nectar of summer and the sweet buttercup memories of youth...
About a make believe place called "Evergreen." A story poem about make believe fairy fireflies.
Another from my Dolly Ducktail stories, David,s Grandma is paying a visit, he and Dolly plan a gift for her,but nothing is simple when Dolly is around.
We have an Easter Heatwave in England, and I am enjoying it, along with everyone else.
The picturesque January snow is behind us, now looking forward to the snowdrops and other spring flowers in the Kent countryside.
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