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O TO ALL 'TIS ONLY AN O Actually we all are in our blues Merry Xmas without snows too
There is a lot of notes, articles and even books about jazz, but I decided to write one small piece as well. Maybe it will be interesting for someone, maybe it will help someone to write an essay or do a school project, but anyway, you never know!
Roy Rogers and his Delta Rhythm Kings offer a Blues holiday season.
Keep on asking why blues always here with us. In times of lowly, down, heartache even in our success, blues still blues.
After guests enjoy a delicious Italian or American dinner they can enjoy dancing, karaoke, late night entertainment, and a fully stocked bar with a beer, wine and drink list that goes on for days. The two-story art deco themed Paparazzi Ristorante is the kind of place where you will f...
Britain in the 1950s was a monochrome society, a rigid, unyielding social order and overt class consciousness constrained social interactions, people were reluctant to do the right thing for fear of it being deemed by "polite society" as the wrong thing. Fortunately a radio station we...
How country style blues music was transformed from a 'niche' into mainstream entertainment.
Two poets who praise each other today I realsied both were under treatment Hence bolt from the blue
Helping people is always self rewarding and not necessarily only rewarding in the divine way. I have been enjoying a great deal of joy doing this and infact, the weight of such joy has kept me this long from sharing this wonderful experience. Nevertheless, I will have to do so, in ord...
All about the Blues and stress in Life that creeps between loved ones which suffocates the Love to death.
"Two sides of life within a ring merge in a deathly swirl of round..."
Yet more jokes and wit to brighten up your day and chase away any negativity or blues you may have. Just the thing you need if you're having a rough day or a miserable relatuonship or you've hit a rough patch in your life or relationship
A review of a live concert by the blues and rock band The Bare Bones Boogie Band.
This is an article about one of the last real honky tonk clubs in the Washington D.C. area. The name of the club was the Surf Club. It opened in 1955 and featured numerous artists ranging from class country artists to blues artists and cajun/ zydeco artists. Unfortunately it closed it...
Red's is the name of a small little juke joint in Clarksdale Mississippi. It has been in operation for over twenty years and features music from local Mississippi blues artists. The patrons include locals as well as people from around the world. Robert Plant has frequented Red's more ...
A CD review for Almost Broke by the blues band Poor Boy
A review of The Mathematics of Love by Peter Parcek.
A CD Review of So Good by singer and guitarist Robi Zonca
CD Review - The Snowy White Blues Project - In our time - Live
A CD Review of Pimps and Preachers by singer songwriter Paul Thorn.
A Review of Jimmie Vaughan Plays Blues, Ballads and Favourites
Whether you're visiting London or live here and fancy seeing something new, sometimes the number of choices open to you can be overwhelming. Here are a few things you might not find in all of the tourguides. Take your camera with you, because there are some great photo opportunities.
Rock 'n' roll is the archetypal American music, but it didn't emerge in a vacuum. Rock 'n' roll was the product of earlier American musical forms. Rock represents the point where white and black music blended together. The early pioneers of rock 'n' roll were influenced by blues, rhyt...
A CD Review of Tribute, an acoustic blue recording by Tom Feldman and the Get Rites.
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