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Whether you are young or old, in your office, at home, or on the go, technology has become a part of our life and the continuous advancement there continues to be new gadgets that will be making history and influencing generations to come. Here are some great gadgets that you might wa...
we are presently living in the age of the keyless Bluetooth bicycle lock. We've as of now seen the Skylock, BitLock and Ulock. Presently, there's additionally the Noke U-Lock.
New Zealand based designer Richard Clarkson developed a Thunder cloud lamp light like cloud with lighting and thunder except rain. The cloud based light have audio visual and worked on Bluetooth device basis.
With the help of funding from the New Zealand government's Swift Point has developed an input device that can use a virtual finger.
This paper is the Chapter 1 of my Thesis as a requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. This project focuses in embedded system and a combination of hardware and software in making a project. I make it more simple and short. Hope this will help you guy...
MAC address is physical address of your computer. This is only one per connection type like LAN cable connection, WiFi connection, Bluetooth connection …etc
Spice announced that by the end of this month, two new Smartphone of Mettle series Mettle 4X and Mettle 3.5X will be launch.
if you want to share your internet connection with your friends via bluetooth then this is how it works i will guide you step by step just read the article carefully
This is a short review of Nokia E7-00, an unlocked phone which provides quality voice-guided navigation feature.
This is a short review of Nokia X3-02 an increasingly popular mobile phone.
Now a days Laptop is our most useful and needy electronic gadget and it is very important to keep it safe. The Laptop time life span will be very long if one keeps it tidy and safe. How to save your Laptop..Here are some tips... Read....
Bluetooth's benefits over Wifi. How people are still using bluetooth instead of wifi.
Nokia X2-01 is an unlocked phone useful for social networking purposes and for messaging as well.
This is a short review about Nokia C2-01 a very useful mobile phone for messaging and socializing.
Thinking of getting a computer accessory that uses bluetooth? Find out the pros and cons of them.
Imagine yourself going out of the house without your cell phone. It is now one of our basic needs in our everyday life. And discovering your phone uncharged when you’re already out of your house can be worrisome. The battery is your cell phone’s lifeblood. Your cell phone won’t ...
Review of the low-end blackberry, will it preform as well as some of the other popular phones on the market at the moment?
Pretty much every second person has an iPhone these days, and if you aren't going to get an iPhone, the similar iTouch is a must have!
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