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A look at some of he expenses associated with boat ownership including operational expenses and maintenance costs
Just like God before he created all the stuff on earth, I want to sweep over the waters like a ghost. Well not like a ghost. Like me myself on a boat. Yeah. Water traveling shall be done by me, and enjoyment shall be felt by my emotional receptors.
Water is the sustaining force, as important to us as the air we breathe. Two thirds of our body is made up of water. We require water for cell nutrition, cell absorption, digestion and excretion. Water is also responsible for the regulati...
The Riverside Country Inn enhances the small community of Greensboro, as visitors quickly fill up the ten motel rooms just as fast as they become unoccupied. Ghost hunters are always anxious to see what will unfold during their stay at the motel known for its spirited activity, and co...
Goliath Grouper are one of the largest grouper on the planet! One of the largest specimens could suck a man in whole for dinner! In America, until not too long ago their name was "Jew Fish". That is what I was raised to call then and the name tends to stick with people my age and olde...
The world over, fishing tends to be a male dominated pursuit. Often, when men see women fishing, they don't take them seriously. This is not always the case! Ladies, this one is for you! Enjoy! Only the best, Dan
Wahoo are a top prize game fish the world over. They are named because when 1st hooked they make very fast, long, drag sizzling runs. Often the angler will shout out: "Wahoo!!!" The bigger they get, the more badass they become! Enjoy!
Sport fishing in blue water can be an incredible experience! You just never know what could happen or end up on your line. Its important to have the appropriate crew to be ready for whatever may happen. But what if you go out by yourself? This is just one example. Enjoy! Only the best...
Snook are a highly sought after prized game fish wherever they exist. They are smart, love structure and are great eating. Because they love structure and are experts at using it to cut your line, in many cases you have to just plain muscle them out. In the process, you can put quite ...
We go through a lot in life. Why? There has to be some reward for all we go through. Sometimes we just have to steal the time to make it all worth while. Life is short! Only the best, Dan
Sailfish tournaments can put a lot on the line. Big cash and prizes. Big investments, hard work, knowledge and luck! The whole thing can be a hell of a ride. Hold on, enjoy this one. Its a great taste of all the flavors involved. Enjoy! Only the best, Dan
Some times our passions tug at our hearts. Sometimes, even in our sleep. Sometimes it hard to tell which is which. Only the best, Dan
Please enjoy this journey into a day in the life of two flats fisherman, Tails are one of the highest priority targets of any tropical saltwater flats fishermen. It is the beginning of many challenges and adventures.
Time fishing is not spent....Its invested! Its not about the catchin...Its about the fishin!
This piece is about how I would look at old yellowed pictures as I was growing up that were posted at bait shops, fishing piers, charter docks, etc. They were truly awe inspiring! The fish numbers, variety and sizes were incredible! As years passed, the whole fishery was collapsing mo...
Theres something about being by the water. It almost always leaves you happy, refreshed, recharged... Even when your day dumped on's better.
An extreme fishing adventure in tournament Marlin fishing. Read it, feel it, live it and enjoy it! Not for the faint of heart. As close as you can get without getting wet or fishy. Enjoy!
One of the great apex predators of the sea, the Swordfish in all of it's fearsome glory, is the ultimate challenge for any angler. Raw power, brute strength and that razor sharp sword create danger and excitement with every encounter. Your heart will race through this exciting battle....
Offshore fishing in blue water can be very adventurous. You just never know what may end up on the end of your line! Things can go from peaceful to mayhem in short order. Get ready for just such a trip. Remember...Its just a fishing trip! Breathe and enjoy!
Located in South Florida, The Everglades is one of the world's most most beautiful yet fragile ecological gems. It is facing many dangers from man and his many endeavors. Please not only let this short taste of my passion for it touch you in just the right way, but also PLEASE do wha...
This piece takes a humorous look at a man on his vacation and the pain and frustration that can sometimes be a part of the reality of fishing. Enjoy!
Life can be so damn demanding! Time so precious! We spend so much time locked away from our passions. Sometimes it hurts because we miss them so much. This one is about just that, my love, my passion, "My Ocean Blue". Enjoy!
This piece is an perfect example of the peace, beauty and enjoyment you can experience in South Florida's most remote and pristine areas. And also how "You just never know what might just happen!!! Enjoy! Only the best, Dan
Birds fly overhead, beavers paddle past you and squirrels and deer peek at you from the shore. These are some of the sights and sounds you can enjoy while paddling a canoe.
Float down the river. Watch eagles soaring overhead. See otters swim past. You can experience all this and more when you climb into a kayak.
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