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I recently watched this animated comedy movie Minions which is a must watch for the kids.
Watch the Minions trailer and cheer your inner child.
The Bug Out Bag is a vital piece of equipment to a survivalist. But some survivalists fill their BOB with odd things.
A Bug Out Bag is the last line of defense in the survivalist's preparations. How to make a practical one, and what to put in it.
An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the initial components in a phrase or a word. Here are some that survivalists use a lot.
This is a tribute article concerning my top ten favorite secular or not necessarily Christian songs from the year 2010. Because of all the profanity and explicit suggestions in the popular music of today, I am always looking for songs that are clean, fresh and positive.
Whenever I go to a coffeeshop I always dread talking to the baristas. It's because they always get my name wrong.
A story about a guy named Bob who decides to get himself arrested.
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