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The wonders of creation will keep us enthralled forever but we should stick with the basics to unravel the mysteries. The foundation has to be strong but no species, including the mighty us, can really hope for outside help unless we prove worthy of it; looks like we are still stuck o...
I wrote this article as part of the requirement for a wonderful online course I took called "42daysofwriting." This course taught us how to write in the flow of consciousness genre letting my ideas flow on paper without reservation.
Marriages are made in heaven !That is what we have been saying and believing since many long years.Tie the knot and there goes the couple, full of faith and affection. But what makes the bonding so brilliantly strong and attached to one another ?
Our kittens Max and Mia recently celebrated their first birthday, and we find they have changed in the first year of their lives. Read on to find out more.
Being west people and wild, my son and I drove to L.A. to see a band play, The Kills, they call themselves, just a boy and girl. It was good for us, we found our hearts again.
Dogs are man's best friend. How about cats? This are my views about the relationship of pets and their owners.
Enjoying the food prepared for the family at your own home increases bond and makes relationship stronger though it requires hard work, time and effort to cook a delicious meal for the family. But seeing every each one enjoy the dish you had prepared, brings you joy and happiness.
Delayed post about how we celebrated our Easter with an Easter Egg Hunt for the children less privileged and a snack after.
Recently my daughter insisted me to write something in her autograph notebook.I was reluctant as I wanted to write the truth about our relationship.I didn't write anything till today but I want to share it here.
Myriad of human emotions serve to enliven our lives, the more the merrier! Let us accept all with an approach of give and take and savor the rich moments. Variety is, after all, the spice of life.
Certain procedures are involved when one undergoes cosmetic dentistry. Get some information on this type of surgery.
This a breif experience i recently had with my 8 year old at the mall. On this day she was the one being the teacher.
I just finish watching "WARM BODIES" which touched my heart and gave me butterflies in my tummy. So, i've decided to make a review about it.
when life takes a one thing away from you than God gives a million things to overcome that one loss.
It is sometimes after spending so much time together there can be a parting.
The benefits of telling a bedtime story should never be undermined by any parent. Why is a bedtime story so important for your child’s overall development? Here are some intrinsic benefits of bedtime storytelling, which we often need to reiterate to ourselves in order to be motivat...
A vacation will help the family members decompress and release all the stress that had been built up due to pressure from work and the daily demands of life.
Summer is here. Bet, you cannot wait to push yourself into the limits for this summer break. Get excited, get a tan! So keep yourself busy, enjoy the hoopla while the heat is on. Get sun bath or whatever you want to mark yourself with an unforgettable summer treats.for this year alon...
This little short story is about how my beautiful little puppy Bella and I made our first connection of love from the inner most core of our beings. Also, I express some possible insights on how to be considerate of each other and the inner connections that we all have as human being...
this is just about the bond between a mother and child as they go tru life with an unconditional love saying that i may not agree but i love you always anyway!!!
Keith and I were looking forward to a nice weekend in Devon, and this is what happened.
Moments watching my sons and father, as they have fun together, Enjoying those moment with a grandfather
Opening your heart to love after history of disappointments is not easy, but there is a way to let down your guard and invite love and an intimate relationship into your life again.
Overall, having any sort of pen pal can be fun, inspiring, and full of learning. Maybe you can learn of another culture, perhaps learn a new fun word, or learn about a new friend. This page is my side of story of having a Pen Pal for the first time.
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