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The ear buds allow you to stay linked up with your personal soundtrack wherever you go.
Tendons and ligaments form part of our body that is involved in physical activity. Supplying proper nutrition along with a tight exercise regimen is essential for the well being of tendons, ligament and musculoskeletal system. Specified quantities of vitamins, minerals and basic food ...
This is a list of home accidents I can think of, but you can, perhaps, add few more that I had missed out.
The kidney shaped or bean shaped nuts have so many health benefits, a few of which are stated.
Hello this poem is a poem of Love and finding our feet its about being true and being who you are how God made you to be. pleas follow the link to watch the video your support would be very apprreciated
Dates are natural sweet food, there are lot of nutritional values in dates, and there more benefits with dried dates as mentioned below.
Our bone is a magnificent gift from our Creator. Proper care and nutrition is essential.
Ayurveda medicine is a complementary medicine founded in India, I take a look at its benefits and uses.
The poet once again is trying to influence and describe his new spiritual insights to the followers of his little fold. Always wondering if they see and or if they can hear what he sees and hears. Is his message being receive or is he deceived?
Here are another seven surprising facts about bone.
Many are diagnosed with bone problems in old age. But the customs at the young age can influence the condition of the bones in old age. Probably only a few people who maintain good bone from their youth.
Eating bones may cause problems in dogs of all sizes such as; constipation, esophageal choke, intestinal obstruction, bacterial infection, and broken teeth.
Human skeleton is more than just a bunch of bones. This article reveals a startling discovery.
Severe injuries caused by playing sports can damage careers. Some sports persons have succumbed to these injuries. This article provides information on various severe injuries that may be caused by playing sports.
Multiple Myeloma is a type of cancer. This article provides useful information regarding risk factors, symptoms and treatment of multiple myeloma.
Walking is good for you, good for you all over. I have osteoarthritis and walking is very important for my good health and well-being. Walking is fun and it is great mental and emotional therapy as well as for your physical good health. take a hike, well at least a walk every day.
~stoned streets in the pale dawn~Jim Morrison ~general welfare is not the sphere of truth~Nietzsche~I hope your dreams take you~to the most special places~your heart has ever known~Charles Manson~the fever called living is conquered at last~Poe~
How can you take care of your bones to keep them healthy and strong?
Aside from accidents, there are also diseases that affect the bones. Damage caused by diseases to the bones maybe temporary or permanent. What are these diseases and how can we prevent them?
Bones are likely to be injured not only because of accidents but also because of the everyday stress to which they are subjected. When you lift heavy objects, workout or play and work for long hours, your bones are subjected to stress. What are these common injuries of bones?
Knowing the different materials, what bones are made of and how bones are connected.
This is a cop-out, because if you really wanted to know, you would find out.
Until yesterday from the time I met my doctor, I had not even heard of Osteopenia. Only when he pointed out the risk of Osteopenia, did I start reading about it, prevention and treatment methods. Here is some information: • What is Osteopenia? • How do you know if you have Osteo...
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