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Bible is a literary powerful tool used to promote many idealogies. One of the ideologies the Bible seems to support is the suppression of women or the view that man should subordinate woman. This article gives 10 of these reasons from the first book of the Bible, the Genesis and its c...
The article about the thing which made us what we are.
The new generation of human races began from Noah after the great flood. From this generation, patriarchs and kings existed to lead the people. Also from this generation, major and minor prophets arrived for the purpose of spreading God’s words and commandments.
Apples have been around for quite a while; in fact thousands of years, they came to us from western Asia. read on for more on the types,history, myths and facts about the humble apple.
The controversy between creationists and evolutionists, especially regarding interpretation of The Book of Genesis, has raged for a long time. There really is no reason for all that "hot air".
A reply to two Christian apologists regarding Pascal's Wager.
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