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Not much thought is given to the most important aspect of our lives. Looking at it this way might bring it to the fore.
Our planet and the entire universe is held in existence by the Word of power.
John had a dream which he lost all recall of. Here he uses a meditation technique to recall the lost memory of the dream. All of our experiences, including those we have in our nightly dreams, are recorded for us in the Akashic records, by our own souls, and by the souls of other ent...
The mind of man is in two minds about his existence.
The article about the thing which made us what we are.
this poem is the teachings of a father to his daughter that she believes in god with all her heart she would liked to be judged based on her heart .
Review of More than Any Human Being Needs to Know about Freelance Writing by Jenna Glatzer
This article is a reminder to read the bible. And I am starting to read it from the New Testament's Book of Matthew.
Learn to restore and reinstate people with gentleness and without any sense of superiority ~ keeping an attentive eye on yourself.
Quran is not only for the Muslim because Quran is the book of guide for all man. Allah gave us and Mahammad (P.B.U.H) are the writer of the Holy Quran. I suggest you that please read the Holy Quran and you can save your life. you read my speech and gave me your answer.
“…I will call them ‘my people’ who are not my peoples: and I will call them ‘my loved one’ who is not my loved one :”
This poem just explains how I feel as a writer sometimes. I'm sure we all feel like our talents are hidden from the world....
How to write and publish a technical book. The greatest ideas are worthless if you keep them to yourself What is the goal ?
This page is about self help ebooks which gives us motivation and encouragement.
Students and children need a faithful care. Teachers and parents must learn much by being together with them; know and touch their heart unti they find how incredible and important they are.
You are your own personal, living, walking, talking and thinking book of life. You need to make a drastic change to it before it is too late.
So I didn't get on Wikinut for some time now....but that will change since I have some great news.
Reading sharpens the intellect, build up character and develops the personality. It provides pleasure, knowledge and wisdom. It increases the depth of vocabulary.
I was talking to Goldsongbird, a good friend of mine, about her Life story that she is publishing here on Wikinut, and it made me reflect about a discovery I had found after my Mum had passed...It was a partially completed book containing the story of her life before she became a Moth...
We all go about our daily business in a world reeling to an fro, but the reeling is purposely orchestrated by the unseen.
Our walk through life, the directions we take and the choices we make are all recorded. It all adds up to our own personal book of life which others are able read and assess.
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