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I have provided some interviews and reviews of my book, }Angels Watching Over Me"
This the review of my book "Angels Watching Over me by a professional reviewer, Shirley Johnson Senior Reviewer MidWestBook Review
I wrote this article as part of the requirement for a wonderful online course I took called "42daysofwriting." This course taught us how to write in the flow of consciousness genre letting my ideas flow on paper without reservation.
I already wrote about my assessment of 2014 but I sometimes like to look at the post to see how I was thinking and feeling at that point in time. The following is a look at my life at the end of 2003.
You have decided on your venue, you have worked out where everything will go, and now it is time to work out how you will decorate! Decorations can be as basic or as fanciful as you would like and my main advice would be to consider the impression you wish to create. In Part 3 of the ...
Review of More than Any Human Being Needs to Know about Freelance Writing by Jenna Glatzer
“…I will call them ‘my people’ who are not my peoples: and I will call them ‘my loved one’ who is not my loved one :”
How to write and think and prepare yourself to produce a best selling book
Book Writing Template – Write a Book Listing Your Best Advice.
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