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The people in this world who run small business's normally come in two extreme types. The first type is the honest person, who is always Mr, or Ms Nice guy. The second is the dishonest person, and he or she is always Mr, or Ms Nasty. The rest of these business people rest somewhere...
This article is all about how video games are way better than books. For the little ones reading this article, this is great for the ones that are told that books are way better than video games.
Disha Publication is an online hub of books where students can get best bank exam books for preparation with the study material also. Best available books for bank exam preparation is available online @
Our personal experience with affirmative action in the publishing industry in South Africa and what the results are today.
There is just something about walking into a Bookshop...The atmosphere, the coloured bindings, the love of browsing and most of all, reading...Yet today, with our recent upsurge in E-Books, it could all very well be under threat....
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