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Tirumala is a holy place. Some people reach by the vehicles and some others came by walk. God pray the faithfully.
Nostalgia with soul, how the time become change the life as like a river with in course of time. Self realization of life near end of the river who will melt with ocean very soon. the mirror became scratchy, the river can see all through the life he past, the soul treasure of green an...
We declutter our homes to rid those that are of use no longer. But we tend to carry forward the negative issues from the past to get weighed down in our approach to the present. Our shared world will be a different place if we took initiatives than just going around in circles. Let us...
I recently watched Piers Morgan Life Stories, featuring Neil Morrissey. This is not a biography, more a tribute to a man who has achieved so much against the odds. Read on to find out more.
Mashishasura propitiated Lord Brahma and got a boon to the effect that he would not killed by a male person.
Today is an auspicious day for the women in the States of Andhra Pradesh, some parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
this poem i dedicate to my wonderful teachers , who trained me to write ,speak ,think knowledge. This brings back memories........ just picture your favorite teacher in your mind and read the poem.....ha ha
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