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in this Blog I will go through my daily routine. starting form prayers and ending in sitting in the car
Another job... another few cents. ARGH! This short-short was written for an assignment for my Uni studies but ended up being a reflection of my working life! LOL
Boredom is lack of stimulation. It is characterized by slow reactions, lack of productivity, wandering attention, and lessened emotional response. Boredom is almost always the creation of the person who is bored. Modern sedentary lifestyle has reduced boredom to the status of a devil ...
Boredom has received too much bad publicity despite being a springboard of creativity and novelty. Today, boredom is more due to the faults of the modern lifestyle than personal weaknesses. Read what sane and wise people say about boredom.
What can you do when love turns so routine between you and the one you love?
People tend to forget that there is such beauty around them, neglecting the beauty of thought when they claimed to be bored.
Life itself is a computer, a machinery with seem where you are, is a sunny and lovely paradise!
News about the second revolution in Romania. The first was in 1989 and ended with the death of the president (dictator) at that time. What will happen today?
Some people even while doing nothing keep themselves so much busy in thoughts that they are not at all bored.
Monday blues hits us all at sometime or another whatever your occupation.You do not suffer alone..... Read on my friend......
Have you ever stopped to think about your meaning in life? Do you even have time to stop in this fast-paced world? If you don't, you may find yourself at the end of life, wondering what you really lived for. Part two of Find Your Purpose in Life will explain how you can overcome lonel...
Sometimes even boredom can inspire something creative. This is my proof that everyone has the creative spark.
Just a quick poem about those times of laziness and lack of motivation. Those days we just think "What's the point."
This is an awful day for me. I hope that I'd be more productive tomorrow. If boredom was made up of sugar, then I’d most likely be a diabetic right now.
Sometimes we are just fed up of the routine we are following and need a change.
This page provides a list of semi- productive ideas that one can do if they are bored.
You probably already know some of these games but check them out, you might not know them all.
Does it make us smarter or is it just a silly and infuriating plastic box of colours?
Okay, this was just my bored brain wreaking havoc on an innocent piece of paper, so i apologize to all miss-used or abused pieces of paper out there.
Here are some things that you could do if you got bored.
If you often find yourself bored with nothing to do, then maybe some of these tips will help you out.
I've been a youth worker for years and it's always a nightmare when you get left with a group of random kids and nothing prepared to do. Many people crumble in this situation but really there are loads of ideas. Here are five tried and tested activities that won't take hours of prepar...
Are you bored at home and don't know what to do anymore? Don't have the money to go have fun? Here is a few things that might interest you. It will definantly keep you busy.
Too lazy to keep up your fitness plan? There is a lot of easy ways you can do this, you will want to exercise after reading this.
Do you hate winter? I do, if there is no snow then why let it be winter. Want something to do, let me explain some things that will make you think it is summer all year around.
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