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Today I allowed myself two hours to get ready for class, so I can calmly get ready and not be late. Then I drive one more hour to the university. I arrive about 10 minutes early, so I have enough time to eat the supper I prepared for myself.
Have you ever started a course and a few classes in, you realize you're bored with it and wasted so much money? So have I...
I feel like bitching so just know the rest of my thoughts on the matter may be in a nagging tone. The thing is, I honestly think Hollywood should take a break. And by Hollywood, I mean all filmmaking businesses and production houses who cram out (crap out) films that are only unins...
How a year affected my entire life. Robot mode activated
All day long, a dog just sits and waits for his master to play with him, feed him, bathe , or walk him. If the owner is too busy with his own life, a dog could be living the most boring life on this planet.
How to transform a lackluster marriage into a great relationship
A funny poem about squirrels and fleas and bugs and trash....
I tried to express that feeling of confusion when you follow the same routine and everything look so boring when there is no change in life.
You probably already know some of these games but check them out, you might not know them all.
God asks monkey, cattle and dog to live long, but they won't, human being takes the life and the result is human beings have to suffer.
After years of dominating the summer TV schedule in the UK, the reality show to beat all reality shows, takes it's final bow.
The art of flirting is not a mysterious gift that some men or women are born with. Anybody can learn to flirt like a profi with anyone and anywhere. Can one flirt on the internet? Is flirting nowadays important? Of course, it is! Read on ...
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