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One of the most common sources of dissatisfaction at work is: the lack of appreciation! If this problem would have consequences only on the productivity at work, things would be great. But on most of the times, this frustrations will have effect on the personal life also. With this a...
I ‘grown up watching Tin Tin, Tom & Jerry, ScoobyDoo and the last of my cartoon series was Pokemon. If you have watched it you will know that it is about a young boy who fascinates about these amazing creatures with different powers, each is very different from the other.
Mostly what we feared to do is something we ought to do.
Have you ever felt your little ones like a boss for you?
During the courses of our career, we have come across various bosses, good bad and downright ugly... what's your style?
Belgrade guy..Many ask me still who is the Belgrade guy I don't know why So read this and say to the Belgrade guy HI
A diamond merchant in India's Gujarat state has given his employees cars, jewellery and homes worth $8m (£5m) as a reward for meeting targets
Child labour has been in the society right from the beginning. "This" started due to the difference in lifestyle of the rich from the poor and it is rightly said and observed that 'The rich becomes richer, while the poor becomes poorer'. What can we do to stop child labour?
Here is list of the trendy makeup and names in the fashion and elegant world
Feels hard for me to admit it but at the same time I want to shout it as loud as I can
Handling the sticky situations at Job which maybe because of your superiors
This article is about the best 3 football managers of all time.
Diary of my day so far worry about work and money in my life
A cosmetic company in Chongqing, China made their staff to Crawl on road in public. This is part of training of that company.
Dealing with other people in the office is part of the challenges of being an employee. Here are some ways to achieve a favorable attitude in the office and have a good working relationship with others.
Ruth was gleaning in Boaz's fields , and he had noticed her and liked what he saw and heard about her ...but how did she catch his eye ?
Losing money and productively with extremely stupid protocols which seem sensible on paper.
Bosses from Hell and how to unmask them and avoid them and escape them
this are lyrics about the persons i envy. the boss and the public speaker are two characters that cause a marvel. their character though different but side by side have something to share.
More tips on how to survive and even thrive when you work for the Boss From Hell
What are the pros and cons in the life of a working mom? Read on to learn more.
Standards of grammar in schools is dropping, but why? And what impact could this have on our children’s future?
A fictitious story that could happen or could have happened anywhere in this wise world of ours.
A fictitious story that could happen or could have happened in this wise world of ours.
How to survive when you work for the Boss from Hell
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