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My husband and I just got back from the 4th Annual 1940's World War II Ball. It was a trip back in time.
Aug 15, 2011: Be careful what you wish for... after asking for 'a big rock', a Canadian woman gets more than she bargained for, courtesy of her mayoral ex-husband...
~ to reassert tribal needs & memories ~ Jim Morrison ~ enveloped by you ~ silent & foreboding girl-cats ~ Nietzsche ~ you expect to break me? Impossible! You broke me years ago ~ Charles Manson ~ I stand beneath the mystic moon, an opiate vapor, dewy, dim ~ Poe ~ riding dead horses ~
~I have ridden this ol’ Hawg through clouds~Gods have smiled on me and kicked my ass~a thousand drill bit raindrops~I hit the throttle~howl through to the other side~on the edge and one step further~over the top~
A simple to-do list when traveling to Boulder, a wonderful mountain town located only 28 miles from Denver Colorado.
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