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a bowl of cherries i offer to you... red they are ...delicious to taste but if some are not ripe then spit them out...just as you would those who come to harm or denigrate you...i do all the time wherever i am...blessings to all my dear friends here..
Every time I see FB (where else) a fish in a bowl, I get angry little sweat less and less react.
Blend well with egg beater or in an electric blender till smooth with flecks of green. Put in the minced onion seasoning and the cream, which should be at room temperature. Heat well without bringing to boil and serve.
This is the recipe of the dates pudding. It includes the procedure and recipe of dates pudding.
Coconut water best for health, it is just like ambrosia for health, digestion,works as moisturiser, coconut water for shiny skin
Sunflower seeds are abundantly available with lot of nutrients, it is best for health, sunflower oil also good for cholesterol
one bowl of oatmeal keeps you active all the day and it will decrease the cholesterol in the body
Recipe that shows how to make the perfect Curry Dip.
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