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Though we know that girls mature faster than before. Now we are told that boys have caught up. They too are beginning to mature faster as well.
Come boys let’s dance .This is another attempt at You Tube series I only wish all do like it Like all my kissy poems are read daily
After the article I posted yesterday about modesty training and slut shaming, I was involved in many conversations about the topic. For the most part, I knew to what choir I was preaching – in addition to putting the article on my wall, as I normally do, I went a step further and sh...
For Younger Folks. I have written at length on this subject, of the male penis. I find some boys measuring their penises, on a day to day basis, some measure it twice a day.
Some guy gives out tips how to seduce girls and make them fall in ones trap
Musical Youth made growing up easier and sweeter. The Guys had all the youths behind them and girls were eating from the palms of their hands. When they vanished into thin air, my dreams to be a singer vanished too!
My article is a poem explaning why women are better than men. This focuses more on the attitude of women that made them better than men.
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