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This is about my boy bestfriend. I have a crush on him yet nobody knows even him. We are really close. But one day, because of a little fight over something, he became distance and cold. Then he just left. Didn't even have the chance to say " I love you, goodbye."
Though we know that girls mature faster than before. Now we are told that boys have caught up. They too are beginning to mature faster as well.
An Old Jack Darn not so Nursery Rhyme about a young lad showing off his many talents and skills to impress the ladies.
A mixed infant is not a confused child, or anything to do with race creed or colour, a mixed infant is a school for children both girls and boys between the ages of four and seven years It is a sort of beginners school before the real school starts and has been in use ever since educ...
What a boy sees looking at himself in a large mirror
An introduction to upcoming blogs and their general focus on celebrity crushes and the psychology of obsession and the distant-impersonal-yet-personal relationship to celebrities.
Blazer reluctantly gets involved in his school's homecoming tradition, Girls in bikinis with water guns try to soak a boy they like and then get his shirt.
Blazer and Sis help Benny wash her father's car on a warm January day.
Blazer and some boys from his school are helping a fundraiser for the cheerleading squad
We are still listening to the adults partying one floor up from where the boys are still being held captive. Rick, one of the youngest boys, shows his ingenuity in attempting to get him and the other boys out of the basement. There is reason to be hopeful.
Felipe finds employment and agrees to continue living with his cousin and her family. Jordan and Felipe face a dilemma.
The boys are still being held captive in their cages. They haven't lost hope yet and have an idea that may help them escape.
Belgrade guy..Many ask me still who is the Belgrade guy I don't know why So read this and say to the Belgrade guy HI
Sis and Benny take Blazer to the shopping mall on a warm summer day.
The boys are caught and there is no way to escape. They have to adjust to their new homes.
The story takes a turn as the boys are forced to become a part of something they tried to run from.
The boys are still trying to find their way home on a Halloween that has turned out to be a true shocker to them.
The boys, Jay, Rick, and Paul, have been scared from their Halloween activities by the white, pasty man who spoke to them directly. They know they have to hide from him because they believe he means them harm. However, from their hiding spots, they discover something he never meant fo...
Our three boys, two young best friends, and the older brother now encounter the white, pasty man they have been running from. There is no escape. The man is only inches behind them and is ready to give them what they are looking for.
A poem about a boy growing into a man while losing the innocence of youth.
So in August of this year, a young girl dies of the gardisil shot. She was a perfect young girl, ready to start her new year of school. The doctor ask the 12 year old"s mother mother if she wanted to give her daughter the vaccine, and the mother said sure. The day went on and 6 hours ...
Felipe makes plans to leave Southern Arm and begin the next chapter of his life.
Felipe and Anthony enjoy the day together as they do chores at both house. Later they listen to some older men tell stories and still later spend a second night together.
While his parents are out of town, Anthony has a sleepover at Felipe's house.
As Exam week draws to a close, Felipe and Andrew realize that the will miss each.
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