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Brain tumor can be treated and the patient can look forward to living the second innings of his life peacefully, explains Dr Arun Saroha.
Nootropics are ‘smart drugs’ as they work to improve on your cognitive skills or commonly on your thinking power. We know that Nootropics work to improve not only on your focus but also on your memory. They have the benefit of preventing further brain damage for the people who alr...
Use your brains.Hope you have one of your own. Personal one
Brain training - playing online games that give memory and reasoning skills a workout - is beneficial for older people, a large-scale study has concluded.
Every doctor I go to seem to say I have sustained brain damage. So what's new.
Moringa seeds gives good results like weight loss, moderate sugar level, energy boost, good sleep. Insomnia is a medical term for those having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, etc. Here we are going to learn ways to eat moringa seeds for best results.
Mental detox from the modern info-toxicity. You can view nature scenes increased activity in arrears of the brain associated with heightened motivation.
Is it true that Humans only use 10% of brain? If yes what happens when someone bypass this barrier , read on to find out !!!!!!!!
The sophistication of technology today's, has increased so quickly. All we can find in just a second. Even before our eyes blink the data that we are looking for are already provided. Data transformation was processed so quickly. For example, when we send a short message (SMS), a data...
How many computers are required to recognize a cat? The answer is one thousand core computers with 16,000 processors (cores).
Do you really think that computers are perfect? Are they more powerful then a computer? Well of course, you know that they are, but exactly how much, why can't a computer beat us, how long would it really take for them to catch us? You know that your brain is the most complex, most po...
A look into how the brain has the ability to change itself, and the prospect of how this science can affect our well-being.
Whеn уоu hear аbоut brainwave entrainment, уоu wіll рrоbаblу thіnk thаt іt can't bе а natural thing. And wе don't blame you.
Chewing gum is a modern lifestyle. Studies say that it can boost your brain memory, taste your tongue and save your gums. It is good for health.
This is my view. I am open minded and tend to not judge others for their afflictions or transgressions. I watched my brother go through opiate addiciton after having a car fall on him, breaking his neck and shoulder. He was not looking to become a drug abuser. He was simply trying to ...
It boosts brain function, great for the heart and aids digestion. What’s not to like?
Depression can threaten anyone, including or loved ones. Let's commemorate World Mental Health Day, which falls on October 10 by being more aware of the symptoms of depression in our family.
Where can you feel how to fly? Going to the past? Went to a beautiful tourist spot? Or meet your idol? All can happen in a dream. You will feel a very real sense when dreaming. Why do we dream? What happens when we dream?
This page is about increasing our creativity using the Brain Wave Method
Nuts and seeds strengthen your brain cells. They supply nutrients to the functions of your brain and improve your memory. By boosting your brain power, nuts and seeds improve your overall well-being.
Understanding what constitutes fitness of brain is important. Besides, eating healthy food and good sleep, there are other ways to improve the well being of our brain.
Do you often experience feelings of deja vu? Do you feel an old experience although the truth it has never happened?
The Brain and Human Mind. Well how much of ones brain is used up in our life time are simple theoretical conjectures .What was the outcome of the knowledge gained by retaining Einstein’s brain?
SerinAid® PhosphatidylSerine maintains sustenance for the mental health of an individual. SerinAid® PhosphatidylSerine helps in the pace-maintenance of broadcasting brain messages that are transposed into brain impulses and is diffused evenly to all the mirroring cells technically t...
Our brain is arguably our most important organ, the repository of our personality, and responsible for everything we do. We don't understand all of the brain's workings, but there are some factors to consider if you want your brain to perform as well as possible...
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