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Use your brains.Hope you have one of your own. Personal one
Brain training - playing online games that give memory and reasoning skills a workout - is beneficial for older people, a large-scale study has concluded.
Is it true that Humans only use 10% of brain? If yes what happens when someone bypass this barrier , read on to find out !!!!!!!!
The sophistication of technology today's, has increased so quickly. All we can find in just a second. Even before our eyes blink the data that we are looking for are already provided. Data transformation was processed so quickly. For example, when we send a short message (SMS), a data...
How many computers are required to recognize a cat? The answer is one thousand core computers with 16,000 processors (cores).
There are different brain games sold by various video game manufacturers. It may be a bit expensive but the good news is that there are also free online games which would allow you to increase mental exercise.
Two different poems with touch of philosophy are put together for you to relish.
Your brain power is not determined by the number of brain cells, but by the number of connections that occur between these cells! I will discuss the basic knowledge about the brain
A look into how the brain has the ability to change itself, and the prospect of how this science can affect our well-being.
This page is about increasing our creativity using the Brain Wave Method
Various social network games and online tests claim to measure your IQ. But how do psychologists calculate your true IQ?
The Brain and Human Mind. Well how much of ones brain is used up in our life time are simple theoretical conjectures .What was the outcome of the knowledge gained by retaining Einstein’s brain?
How can playing computer games and other mind games help you keep your mind?
Does it make us smarter or is it just a silly and infuriating plastic box of colours?
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