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Vision statement on the one hand stretches the boundaries and direction about how employees are to conduct themselves, and on the other hand stimulates them to put in their best.
An explanation of the skills and competences needed to become an effective brand marketer
Article on the Brand Sachin Tendulkar and his marketing legacy
in business, LOGOs play a critical role to present the business and its representation effectively not only inside but also outside the economical boundaries; hence, LOGO designing is the crucial process that should be heeded accurately.
is cheap makeup good?ok for budget which makeup to have? here are how and what to buy
Consumer imagination is an interesting thing to handle but could truly be challenged and nudged in a direction favorable to brands if the brand story is told exceptionally well.
Companies must strive to find a growth-worthy alignment between their brands and the goals of consumers so that brand loyalty is achieved.
Ni- MH batteries are designed for high demands devices, like digital cameras, and do not exhibit the `memory' effects seen with other rechargeable technologies.
Brand is a name, term, symbol, design or a mixture of them which is intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from these of competitors.
here an experience and reviews are shared with the reader about the branded items as they are not value for money all the time.
You have to build your on line reputation to have recognition, to have your on line presence felt and to earn more.
I was watching TV and was inspired at what I saw from the advertisements. I noticed that in every product, there are always 2 most dominating brands or names.
We all have experienced a time during our teenage years when we have "fallen in love" with a famous figure. What is it all about? Innocent attraction or unhealthy obsession? How can young people "get over" these passions?
Branding yourself as an internet marketing professional or any other professional sets you apart from the crowd and establishes your brand as a force to be reckoned with.
In our society nothing is more important than your car, because it is a symbol that reveals your status.
Cloud computing is creating a revolution. IBM is playing a major role in this area by providing solutions development and testing teams.
Getting the world know whom you are is one of the most important exercise a company should do on a very proactive and studious way. To be able to create that unique identity and maintain it over time, is how small company become big "elephant" over time. There is indeed no short cut ...
Brand can be defined as a logo, tagline, name, symbol, design or even a particular colour scheme. The sole purpose of all these creations & development is simply to "sell" and "identify" company or companies including their specific product or products so that the wide audiences or ...
The consumer market can vary significantly based several factors including need, personality, culture, and lifestyle. Marketing strategies often develop around understanding how consumers think, reason, feel, and make selections.
There must be crazy name/nice name to market the new products, the customer should buy the product by hearing the name itself, if the name is related to any celebrity, then red carpet welcome is ready to that product in the market.
How Big Bazaar grow, and what it does to market its products
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