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One must always rise and surpass the evil surrounding us, such as the ones disguised as lovers. It's hard to recognize that these people are hurting you when they constantly tell you that they love you. Majority stays and few fight to walk away. But those that do serve as an example o...
I was always very innocent when I was a teenager. I had my first boyfriend when I was 16, sweet 16...he was 19. He lived 50 kms away so he came to see me every weekend. He played the guitar and sang beautifully. I liked that about him. He was very sweet. We would write lots of lette...
Meeting someone online, meeting them in person, falling in love and then asking her to marry me.
Break up's are quite common in today's fast paced world. Here are few tips that can be of great help in coming out of this dark phase.
We allow others to bound us in their chaos, we let them chain us with their invisible chains. We love those that hunt and hurt us. We forget who we are. Peace is beautiful, peace within you is heaven on earth. We search endlessly for something, when the whole time it was us we were se...
this is about moving on and looking at the bright side of breaking up.
Sometimes it is better to breakup, sometimes it is better to wait, but it is always difficult to decide.
How can we cope up? Is it just right that we should just turn our backs as if it never existed? To live as if it’s just a phantom of a dream…
Many times when you break up..You rarely accept your own faults But then tis too late A poetic lesson for young teens
A summary of reasons I've learned from personal experience for not maintaining contact with an ex boyfriend
Some tips to help you push on through to complete recovery from your break up
Want to know how to enjoy your post break up days versus get through them? These tips will put you well on your way
When we are lost in love time seems to run with speed. When our love is no more and we are alone, time seem to crawl at a slow speed and our days are so long.
A poem about a failing relationship but then finding the one person you feel is made for you a poem about forgiving your ex in the end because you were better as friends.
Then they love you then they don’t Then they do then they won’t Today you are the one and only in his life Tomorrow he wants another wife
A short story about a break up from a relationship that turned bad
When you try to change for someone else, you only lose yourself.
I wonder so many things about how and who we used to be.
Relationships are hard, and break ups are even harder. I've learned somewhere between the two, the true value of myself.
Can someone really only crack all the love off your hear tlike an egg shell in the morning?.
Can you really miss all the signs in life like and over grwon tree hides a stop sign?
Someone does really wild things you are dating as a simple sorry can't fix it.
What does love and a eyelash have common in life?. Is it what you thik or something else.
What does love and a faint heart beat have in common?
Can you really be just an ATM machine of love for someone only in life or just a nice day dream about it?
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