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Bad mood? Depressed? Things not going your way? Have a solution here. Take a small break and start with a new zeal.
I recently entered the world of responsible gambling.
Yes it is such a wonderful when we take time out to recharge
Visiting Christmas street markets may be an interesting break in the beginning of the cold season and the festive one.
We managed to spend a break in Malta last week, it was a welcome break, and now I am back home. Read on to find out more.
The search begins anew for a love. When one is lost, another must be found, as we are creatures in need of love!
This post demonstrate how good a ten minute break might be for a person working hard.
Just random musings of how we all need to give love a chance.
In continuing with the punctuation and grammar guides line of articles, here's a brief word about three more types of punctuation.
A day out with friends exploring the unexplored after a long stressed office days
When in the course of events, some men go to the bathroom, their aim is sometimes disastrously not there, so I penned this for those who can’t thread the needle!
We all go through moments when everything seems dark and full of despair ...but we need to rise up and not be afraid ...the victory is in sight ....
The wonder and exhilaration in viewing dawn break in the morning!
In this mechanical world, it is very essential to break a break in between to keep yourselves fresh
Hello friends ! i am back after a very long break. Speaking frankly i missed you all a lot . I guess i have missed wonderful pieces of art . I am going to make sure that i am a regular reader of your articles and poems .
This poem is about certain people in my life I do almost anything for but they show nothing in return but ignorance
Breaking up is hard to do. It’s hard on me and it’s hard on you. But I believe that we shouldn’t string someone along. If it’s not going to work, let them know quickly.
many marriages has not been able to survive in the last decades because of uncontrolled anger that exist in the homes
Vacation.. a break from the daily routine and the people you meet in process. How Such a small break can make a huge difference in terms of the monotony of life
To fight against tyranny, and to embrace freedom is our right and duty!
This is a poem in response to my poem, "Dear Writer's Block". I hope you enjoy this one!
Taking proper break will give more energy to you to do your work in a good manner.
All we really have is today, tomorrow is never promised to us and we must be ready to answer Creator's Call as swift as it may come. Ours is not to ask why but simply to accept and obey.
Sometimes, the solution to a problem is just in front of our eyes, and yet we miss it and keep searching for it all over the place.
It is evitable that we all must experience this at sometime in our lives. For most people it’s more than once that they have to go through this emotional turmoil…
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