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Last week we took a 3 day trip to Wolverhampton, it was a mixture of business and pleasure. Read on to find out more about it.
The Dynamic Duo and the team are beginning a new story at the start of winter. They live in a suburb of New Jersey and winters can be brutal. The team is preparing for the long winter months. Their last case was successful and they are hoping for a rest before another case presents...
The day may be a long and a tough one, but you can breeze through the day if you start the day on the right note. The question how do we accomplish this task. It may seem difficult at first, but it is not an impossible task. This article is about things that you can do to start the d...
Chewing well has its benefit. Most times you swallow food chunks without chewing, and by doing so, you lose a lot.
Many people don’t even know that butter and margarine are not the same. I have spoken to people that just believed they are just different names for a single food item.
A perfect Eggless Pancake for breakfast on lazy Sundays. Nutritious, healthy, low in sugar, no butter with lots of fresh milk. Suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians too. Goes well with honey toppings
Everybody has one of those favorite places, where they know they're never going to have a bad dining experience and they want to stop in, every day. In my case, the Burrito Stop, of Amarillo, Texas, is that place. I want to share them with you. You're welcome, in advance.
Fed up with your routine? Have a look on your daily life and see what you could do differently.
A simple and quick breakfast or brunch to prepare. Sardine buns is a combination of mashed canned tomato sardines with chopped onions and red chilies. Toasted ready made buns smells great with sardine fillings.
Dad and Molly are in the middle of a murder investigation and Dad is keeping some clues to himself. Molly's not one bit happy about this turn of events. She's decided she needs to pay closer attention to Dad's notes. They need to be on the same page and share all vital information....
Yes, you read that right. Morning Glory. It means exactly what you think it means, plus a burrito
Dad and Molly are right in the middle of a murder investigation. They've interviewed the neighbors on either side of the victim. Dad's taken lots of notes and Molly's got a few clues of her own.
Do you think your day is busy? Well, wait until you learn what Kevin Sweefarend all has to fit in into a morning! Fortunately, he does have help from Sekretarisbot. That's his robot secretary he built himself. Yes, he's very smart.
It's planting season on the farm and everyone is busy preparing the fields. Max has been fixing the farm equipment during the day and spending as much time as possible with Danielle. His devotion to Danielle shows in everything he does.
I live in Ecuador where they grow coffee. You would be surprised though how little is consumed here. Coffee is such a personal thing. How we take our coffee says a lot about us. Where we are from, how fancy we are and even a bit about how we relate to the world. A “make mine black...
They told us that olive oil was bad, because US government aimed to get us buy their excess of produce of soy or corn.
Danielle and Max spent the evening together. It's the beginning of a new day. They are looking forward to spending it together. Another storm front is developing and Danielle will have to leave soon. She has responsibilities at the farm and animals to take care of.
It is a new morning. Max slept later than what he wanted to but he's still gaining his strength. The temperatures are still very cold and he has no plans to go outside until he feels stronger. A few more days should do it. Miss Renee always makes a delicious country breakfast and he ...
When naive corn cobs have passed through a big process of induatrilization, one will be having anything, except for real corn cobs.
Since Valentine's Day exists and is around the corner, we'll see what the lonely can do to have a pleasant day.
It is a common belief today that by skipping morning breakfast people can reduce weight and can keep their weight in control. But in reality it will increase weight. You may be surprised to read on.
Though, being born and brought up in Kolkata, I did not hear the name of Territi Bazaar until a year ago. Everyone told me that it is a must visit place in Kolkata and I must visit it to understand it better. And lo behold when I did reach there and consumed everything that it is famo...
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, according to nutritionists. Read on to find out what you should give to a diabetic child for this meal.
Felipe visits the minister's stateroom but refuses an invitation to spend the night and returns to the room that he shares with three others. His thoughts return to his sexual preferences and he becomes angry until he has another visit from Andrew.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it helps your body to get ready to go through the entire day feeling fresh and energetic.
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