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We can´t be branded as lazy sods if we take a break from work once in a while to have better performance.
This is my answer to man's quest for real, lasting, Joy - which for me comes through one source - and that being faith and surrender to the Living God - Jesus.
With harsh weather conditions in the winter months, you need to adapt your driving style and be prepared for dangerous situations occurring.
I have written this article to focus on the value of laws for a modern man and how much they care about the breaking of laws. Considering Indian laws at many points.
Taking proper break will give more energy to you to do your work in a good manner.
In the childhood story, "How I learned to Ride a Bike" I attempt to convey the love and solidarity enjoyed by family members during those critical ‘growing-up’ years in rural America during the early 1950’s. The experiences and the knowledge gleaned would be carried throughout ...
Use your holiday money to increase your wealth. Make it work for your while you’re away!
We all get tired of reading the same poet again and again, unless one is of Shakespeare standard of poetry and literature of the ancient times as of now.So we all need to tone down , especially I.
After a break it's very difficult to get back into the swing of writing. Here are a few of my thoughts about it.
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