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First type of cancer that is Ductal carcinoma starts in the tubes (ducts) that move milk from the breast to the nipple. Most breast cancers are of this type.
The medication Nolvadex is used to help with health problems such as breast cancer in women. The medication needs to be used along with a proper diet. It has been discovered that some foods do cause breast cancer. The people who have this fear that they are not going to be able to fin...
Even when women go for breast cancer screening, they may not be completely protected. There are cases where doctors have failed to to see breast cancer on the mammogram reports.
Knowledge about the condition is still clouded with myths and misconceptions. Inadequate understanding about breast cancer spreads fear and false hope about the disease. So, let’s make an effort to understand the condition in the best possible manner.
New research shows that breast cancer is actually 10 different kinds of cancer. This new information will make diagnosis and treatment better in the long run.
New research shows that all races are not affected equally when it comes to different kinds of cancer.
Cancer is a disease that has been with us from time and it is caused by a division of abnormal cell that can not be control. But they are other man made causes that can be control as well as prevented. This article discusses the preventive measures applicable to this disease.
If you haven't had a mammogram yet, and doctor has been telling you to get one, this is the month to start. The reason is the is an internationally celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness month.
One of the biggest health worries for women is breast cancer. The good news is it can be beaten.
Breast cancer knows no gender. Men are not exempt from breast cancer. However, as it is not a topic generally discussed, men are diagnosed at a later stage of cancer and require more extensive treatment. Male breast cancer is most commonly diagnosed in men between the ages of 55 and 7...
Some women who are diagnosed with cancer may not have it. Get the reason why here?
A quick look at the newspaper this morning came up with some unusual facts from Skirts sizes to Lamp posts
Years ago we were told that cancer was not hereditary now we are learning there is a genetic component and there is a new test on the horizon which will detect breaks cancer
Why are governments not interested in funding breast cancer research? Surely it merits as much research as other diseases. Taking aspirin may help reduce the risk of recurrent breast cancer but how will we ever know for sure?.
Just when you think that there is good research and hope for breast cancer patients, a snag in the fabric of recovery presented itself.
Many Montrealers love Dr. Marla Shapiro the medical doctor who graduated from McGill University in Montreal and hosted the CTV daytime show – Balance: Television for Living Well. Marla is a journalist for the Globe and Mail and health news journalist for CTV. She is currently teachi...
Breast cancer is leading type of cancer for women in Quebec and the rest of Canada.
A new study suggests the changes in zinc isotopes able to detect the early signs of breast cancer.
Obesity, cancer, Smoking: With its own law, Hermann Grohe will see to it that common diseases are detected and beam earlier.
My life was forever changed when I found out that I had malignant breast cancer. Now I see things from a completely different perspective.
Although researchers can not detect all causes of breast cancer, but apart from genetic causes, breast cancer may stem from the following reasons.
Life has a way of teaching you lessons through humorous events. Here is just one of them.
Some tips where once can check the Breast Cancer at home(Self Examination)
Breast Cancer is a serious ailment which can kill or maim. The treatments are surgery, chemotherapy and Radiation which also has side effects.
Breat Cancer is one of the greatest health challenge of this millenium for a lot of women, even young ones in their prime age. Fear of this ailment has led many to amputate their breast for fear of it spreading ,which could lead to death. For many have died in the process and many hav...
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