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This is an poem that explains me and its still a work in progress hope my writing breaths
This is a poem of something as simple as breathing and what an influence it can have so inhale and exhale while reading pleas do enjoy
sound mind lives in a sound body but your breaths is not good this is a great problem for you and your partner are some tips to avoid it.
Need to break into an impenetrable castle filled with enemies? The GrimFowl's the way to go, guaranteed - or it is in the world of Breath of Fire, at least.
Thanks to the GrimFowls, Ryu and co. have penetrated Nabal. Will Ox's folk finally be freed?
Ox is saved, but his people remain in bondage. Who's going to save them all? Well, really, who else would? Let's do this thing, Ryu.
Bold Gobi has found himself in the midst of a situation he can't handle alone. Will he be able to get back to Ryu and gang in time to save a man's life?
The team is stranded on a deserted island, and none of them can survive in the water - save one. Time for Gobi to step up and prove himself a hero.
Ryu and the gang, a new (stolen) ship under their feet, are off to Scande to deal with evil Zog. Unfortunately, the Dark Dragons have something to say about this encroachment on their territory...
Now that Karn's on the team and Ross' daughter has been saved, Ryu and company are off to retrieve a mysterious key from the L & D Tower. What purpose do these keys serve in Zog's plans...?
Got the Dark Key, so it's time to grab that pesky Light Key. Then what's the team to do? Maybe it's finally time to sail to Scande!
With the Light and Dark Keys in hand, Ryu and the gang are ready to make for Scande on a stolen ship. Naturally, all will not go well. (When does it ever?)
From the magnificence of Auria, Ryu and the gang are off to moldy old Bleak. Will the visit prove fruitful? Or will their stuff get nicked? Maybe a bit of both.
Ryu needs... an icicle. And it's gonna cost him thousands upon thousands of gold. What kind of a ripoff is this?
With Karn on the team, Ryu and company are off to find a Book that will knock Karn's thievery skills to the top. Will Karn prove handy enough to keep everyone safe from Krypt's traps?
Ryu and the gang have penetrated Krypt in search of the great thief Karn. Will they be able to track him down before the traps of this ancient palace tear them to pieces?
Icicle in hand, Ryu, Nina and Bo are off to the desert to find Karn, one of the best thieves in the world. Can he help save Ross' daughter? And is this whole trip REALLY necessary?
Ryu, Nina and Bo are off to the wonderful town of Auria to continue their quest. Are there any allies waiting for them? Er... kinda.
Ryu and the gang are off to a cave in the south, but... what's that little shrine there...? Better have a look, curious adventurers.
Tuntar has been destroyed! Somebody has to pay for this, and it's that pesky Dark Dragon General. Enter the Stone Robot and make him suffer, Ryu.
Sure, the gang has to save the world, but why not stop for a wedding first? Makes perfect sense to dally about.
FINALLY, Ryu can get a look at the inside of the Stone Robot. Is there much to see? Click to find out. (But yes, there is.)
The Stone Robot's easy to find, but the dang thing is locked. What's to be done? Visit a mysterious floating tower, that's what.
Ryu and Nina may now have Bo helping them out, but even the wily hunter may not be enough to restore water to Tantar and Truntar... or not without a certain amount of bloodshed, anyway. Maybe some cleansing water will wash away the blood.
The Lament Woods seemed pretty poor before, but with a new friend about to enter the party Ryu and Nina don't have much room to complain... so long as they can find 'im.
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