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The book says that we must become like a new born, like a child. I cannot tell you how many times I wondered just what that meant until it happened.
Martin Scorsese has been both a critical and commercially successful director since the 1970s. In many ways he has epitomised post-modernism but in doing so he has changed things for so many future directors (such as Quentin Tarantino and David. O Russell). He has brought a culture to...
I thought I had won the battle against cancer, but the Emperor of all maladies won in the end.
Highlighting the need for that one true love, friendship, and how, without it loneliness reigns supreme over humans. A look at how a special someone can capture our heart and how much havoc it can cause to have them not be in our lives.
I tried to depict the eternal nature of word as it reverberates and transcends from age to age. Lines 13-20 refer to Mahabharatha war where Arjuna was demystified by Lord Krishna. Lines 21-24 refer to the Cosmic dance of Shiva. "I" am the eternal soul in this poem. 'Turbulent dark...
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