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While serching for the best spouce, every one tries to meet such an individual who can fill the voidness of life and become the partner for the rest of life. Actually every body of us is in search of the partner who adores every little part of who we are and loves. A perfect Life Part...
Adam attends the wedding ceremony and dance at Petersview. He also makes a new friend.
Have you ever wondered want your role is supposed to be as a wedding guest?
Advice on giving the dreaded wedding speech for a best man or father of the bride.
Just a short summary of why I love weddings and my experiences with them.
New beginnings can be an exciting start on the pathway of life. We step out bravely, never quite knowing where it will lead us..We create our own story, each page a new chapter of our own in the Book of Life..Each story unique to us alone..
About a make believe place called "Evergreen." A story poem about make believe fairy fireflies.
Here are tips and hints for how to have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank or destroying anyone's sanity.
This article tells us about why most people avoid marrying soon
The Saints taken in the rapture are given incorruptible and immortal bodies. when Christ cometh in the clouds to make up his jewels, all the loved ones will be precious.
Haven't we all pictured the perfect home at one time or another? The perfect location....A small Cottage, not far from a Bay....Watching the sun set as if swallowed by the sea....This would be mine....I know that it's out there somewhere...
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