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The case of the feet found in Vancouver washed up on shore is an intriguing mystery even today.
Sometimes we forget that people of different cultures think differently than we do. Even people within the different areas of our own country can and do think differently.
Vancouver of British Columbia in Canda is one of the eco friendly cities in the world, the city outflows of co2 reduces will be 33% by 2020.
Canada's spotted lake located in Oskogan valley, British Columbia, Canada. This spotted lake contains richest natural source of minerals, there are 365 circular pools with different colour depending on combination of minerals.
Steveston is an area of Richmond, British Columbia, located south of Vancouver. It is a fishing community and tourist area. Learn more about what you can see and do on a trip to Steveston.
A brief review of the Northern Lights Wolf Center, located near Golden, British Columbia. A small road side tourist attraction with real wolves.
I recently returned from a holiday to Vancouver. While there we saw many raccoons in Stanley Park. As raccoons do not live where I do (in central Alberta) it was neat to see them so unafraid of humans.
I live in Canada, and work in a popular tourist area. Canada is a great tourist destination, less crowded than most places in Europe or the USA, and we welcome you to our home.
This page is about a Jr gold exploration company that is in Timmins ontario. Gold is at an all time high and a relatively safe place for investments.
If you love gardens, then Summer is the best time to enjoy them. Butchart Gardens is one of the best gardens in North America. If you happen to be in Canada, visit the Butchart Gardens and enjoy every minute of your stay.
No one knows where Kamloops is! Maybe I shouldn't tell you because secretly us Kamloopsians would like to keep "the loops" under wraps - our hidden gem - but if you happen to drive through or just moved to Kamloops to go to University, this is what I love about the city I call home an...
I have not had a proper holiday for years, and am like a little kid excited for my summer trip, which is planned to take us into British Columbia and through the interior.
A few years ago, I had a wonderful experience traveling to Vancouver, BC. My family and I enjoyed seeing a few of the beautiful places in Canada. If you haven't been there, plan to do so.
If you travel the Crowsnest Pass through the Rocky Mountains in Southern British Columbia you should stop in Sparwood to see the World's Biggest Truck.
Vancouver is one of the most living-friendly cities in North America. Each year, because of its agreeable weather, multi-culture background and plenty of job opportunities, a lot of immigrants come to this city to start their new life in Canada.
If you are looking for a beautiful place to stop while traveling from Golden, BC, to Calgary, AB, you should visit Emerald Lake. This natural tourist stop is stunning and more affordable than the more visited Lake Louise.
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