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These are a small collection of my short poems. I do hope you will like them.
I am having a rough holidays, I have written a three part letter to convey the strife I'm presently living in... I need help, and I am not too proud to ask for it.
Many suffer in different ways.Others cannot face their problem so they ended their lives shortly.Those who were able to surpass the hardest battles of life will never be afraid to fight until the end until peace be obtained.Human suffering is extreme.Pity are those who struggle due to...
A poem that relates your feeling your weakness and strength. A broken promise makes you realize how dumb you are to be fool. And from that nightmare will motivate you to be strong and rising from the ground. Don't make a promises that you don't intend to keep. I believe everyone deser...
There are kids out there without food and water. Sometimes their parents have no money for food or some parents just leave their kids.
Can a magician's magic help save a love and put magic back into a relationship?....
In the 1950's pawn-brokers were in every town. People used to pawn something on Monday and redeem it on Friday, pay day, with interest.
How often we read about sportsmen worked for millions and are now broke.
A short poem about a shepherd who lost his sheep because of a broken gate and why it applies to all of us.
What is the hardest thing that you have to lie about in your life?
Lee Rang Biyavo invented an Electrical wheel chair for his wife with a facility to climb on staircase without the help of others
Professional Boxers can earn huge prize money, however there seems a curse attached to the boxer after they strike it rich!
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