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Its all about the effect of broken on an individual and how to heal from it.
Just a reminder to all to stay away from the one who broke my heart and shattered my dreams.
About fifteen years ago, I met yet another chick to talk to online. Those were the days the internet was still new and exciting, and ordinary, decent folks were to be found in certain chat rooms, whereas today you only get perverts and predators wanting things not for general convers...
The poem elaborate my current situation after breaking up with my fiancee. It states my feelings and compare mylife to a lost soul.
It's hard to apologize, it's harder to forgive and It's hardest when It's time to let go
For anyone who has been dumped, had their heart broken and been forgotten. You're better than this. If they choose to leave you behind then they aren't worth your tears. So, go on and open your heart. Don't be may just find your best friend.
This the continuation of the story of taking in a street person and the dismal effects she had on me when she left.
This is the story of my first first boyfriend, I did not name him for emphasis. He is just referred to as him.
A poem detailing what happens when trust is broken time and again and all the pain, heart ache, suffering that the lies will bring.
The mind is the only thing we cannot control. Just like nature, it is cruel and kind at the same time and yet it is part of us, a part we cannot do without it.
Far from reality lives the shadow of the past, in the shadows lays no rest. Even in sleep memories and lost continues to torment.
Never give up. You can heal your broken heart, remove emotional pain and feel free to enjoy your life.
There is a place in the heart of the unforgiving that becomes very dark with time. A place filled with all the could-bees that will never be.
Have you ever loved someone who made you do things you didn't even imagine you'd do in a lifetime? Someone who can make you very happy but in a split second, can make you feel the saddest person on Earth?
Moving on, most the time hurts. But seeing the person you loved move on and be happy without you in their life, well that makes it worse. However, we became close friends soon after and realised it was the right decision. Letting go of someone hurts, but seeing them happy, well tha...
A True story that happen to me in September 2013. It crazy how someone can change or you never really no someone even after 6 years. So my life is now in tatters and I am fighting starvation each day. A struggle that I know yet she who brought this evil in my life is enjoying life at ...
A broken heart certainly takes time before it goes back to its normal condition, so get easy on this situation
' So You Can Sing With Joy Again ' is written for all those who start the New Year with less than happy hearts .... may it give you hope and comfort...
Everybody in his/her life has faced a situation where the one whom we trust the most break our trust like anything.. A short poem describing such situation..
When I hear of anyone going through divorce or a breakdown of a relationship, my heart goes out to them in their sadness .....and I remember ......
This poetry is telling you to say your love. If you love someone, don’t waste your precious time to not show your love.
Everyone want to be loved, but don’t want to get hurt. But when someone ask you to write down about things related to love, you may also write ‘happy’, ‘glad’, ‘romantic’, ‘sad’, ‘broken heart’, ‘in love’, ‘betrayal’, ‘faith’, ‘cheat’ and many mor...
I'm not good on romance. I'm not really fall in love type of woman. Since many of my friends consult their love story to me; love, romance and relationship could be one of my favorite menu to write. They told me a lot of thing about love and inspired me to write this based on their ex...
Misery from leaving, shatter heart, mind in scramble, all the pain puts soul in shambles.
Sometimes we are in such a situation that we dont know whether we are the reason for such conditions or others.... A poem on such issue..
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