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Accidentally breaking plates or glasses is messy and troublesome chore to clean up. Learn how I clean up a broken plate today with a few safety steps.
This is a small collection of my haikus and other poetry.
Just a line or two to let you know I am thinking about you...Be back as soon as I can.
I lost an old friend this week and sought comfort once again in the ink of a pen and a blank piece of paper, I wish I could have written more into her life's story. I wish I had been a better friend.
A year ago, I experienced the most painful thing and I just felt like writing it here to finally release and let go of it.
Far from reality lives the shadow of the past, in the shadows lays no rest. Even in sleep memories and lost continues to torment.
Moving on, most the time hurts. But seeing the person you loved move on and be happy without you in their life, well that makes it worse. However, we became close friends soon after and realised it was the right decision. Letting go of someone hurts, but seeing them happy, well tha...
A tragic tale of a broken vase and a broken beauty...
A gripping social drama and a depressing situation report with a brilliant performance of Eloise Laurence.
when the core of everything we thought we knew falls apart
it is about a Broken Perspective .The character are Mrs. Thimble.
Some people some situations effects you in such a way that there point of view becomes your decisions and sometimes it influence so much that you feel it as an eternal truth ....
People betray us sometimes.. What happens when you feel betrayed by yourself?
A relationship that is all in the papers and someone fights back
To remember all our happiness you forgot To ask me to tie the knot To be by my side forever To stay together
Let me introduce myself, I am a mobile phone, and my owner has been using and abusing me for years. But do you know what,just like a faithful dog, I still love him! Read on to find out more. because this is a true story.
This poem is about a Falling Angel who has shamed his Goddess and has been banished to the other world. To earth.
Alas - the bell must toll - as poor Chivalry is no more ...what can a fair maiden do ?...
As the old saying goes; When your heart is stolen, you don't really have a choice in the matter.
More emotions spilled on paper, sometimes the patterns they make are quite lovely to behold
Broken spirited poetic style ramblings. Note that this was written 8 years ago, during a deep depression. I am still alive and well....
I wonder so many things about how and who we used to be.
April PAD Challenge Day 24 to write an auto poem. Dedicated to my husband Troy.
Can a magician's magic help save a love and put magic back into a relationship?....
This is my version in poetic form of Good Friday - The greatest Friday in all History .
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