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Lucía was fed up with that errand that her mother asked her to do way too often until on one day, she decided, not without remorse, not to do it. Years later, she wondered why her mother had asked her to do such an errant.
Mia explains why she is a wise cat. Read on to find out more.
Can you talk yourself to tears? Great, so can Harrison my brother. His own sob stories make him cry on demand.
There's nothing that brings the dancing talent out in someone like the excruciating sting of a trigger-happy insect.
Another day of things happening. Welcome to a page of my diary. As the bumper sticker says: Things happen! Or let's say that's what it says. Actually cancel that. I want to patent that one.
I'm between a rock and a hard place here. Is it wrong to think your brother is ridiculous? And with ridiculous, I mean a ridiculous human being who can be nothing other than ridiculous?
During breakfast this morning, Mother announces that Petros is coming this afternoon, and I must make him feel welcome.
Summer is over and I'm back in school. I am in grade one this year and mom things I'm growing up too fast - can you imagine! I'm also excited because mom tells me we are getting a new baby!
When Joseph’s brothers arrive in Egypt he recognizes them immediately but they of course, don't know him.
Jacob's returning home also means rejoining his brother Esau, who you will remember has threatened to kill him and was in fact the reason for him fleeing to Laban in the beginning.
With the help of his mother Rebekah, Jacob contrives to steal his brother's blessing.
Several new tech products for SMB's are on the market. This tells a little about each of several new products that are great for the market.
Adam's brother Lawrence and his pregnant girlfriend make plans to get married. Adam is pleased that he is considered too young to be in the wedding party.
A comparison of life today and existence as it was when I was a child in the 1940's and early 1950's.
A wedding poem written as a letter reminiscing the sibling memories together.
Mia ran home. Her bare feet were quite cold by now, and the wind and snow made them even colder. She hopped onto the sidewalk and then jumped onto the back of a carriage, it would only be for a few minutes. She would be home a little faster now. Mia really wanted to be home, her moth...
With their brother away for the evening, Blazer and Sis spend some quality time together.
this page talks about the experience I went through two weeks ago, I suffered assault from my blood brother, since I have no job and I am a disabled woman, I cannot do anything about it, I have to get a job that's when I will be able to move from here and live a happy life
This is for the one person who knows the (TRUE) me. He has been through literal hell and back again with me. And I miss him dearly. So for my brother I write this.
As Felipe spends his last few days in Southern Arm he suddenly realizes the emotional distress being felt by his mother.
Fear can stop you dead in your tracks! stop you from moving beyond your patch of brave take your life in your hands and fly...who knows where you will end up...ha! The awesome video is by Stiive Mage, my nephew...a chip off the old block for sure....
Written for my adopted Bro Jason I miss him every day.
I decided to write this and share how our lifetime now is impacted by past lives and how karma plays a big part. Also it is for Franco who has re-awakened my sensuality which has been sleeping for quite a while now!!! enjoy
Thinking of my brother, My mind wonders back to when we were kids, to a house that is no longer there and to parents waiting on the other side.
Life never is the same. It keeps changing and in that change there is something we all want. Adjusting to this change is necessary as one has to keep up with time.
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