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A satirical prose about not really far away kingdom cum social writing site frequented by macro-bloggers, neo-vagabonds and republicans..
Children, toys, and playtime are infinite...only the toys themselves change. But what of the old ones...they become a part of history at the Strong Museum and National Toy Hall of Fame. Who are the newest members to the Hall of Fame?
Bubblews is somewhat a social networking site in which you are paid to write your own world/your thoughts. Many have claimed this site to be scam but in fact this is not a scam site this site is legit, and for those who are claiming this to be scam then they must have break the rules,...
A photographer utilised the opportunity of the temperature to take beautiful pictures with the help of her son.
Are you a member or a Bubbler? Here is how you can earn $100 daily.
We feel comfort within the bubbles we seek refuge in, but we have to be prepared for a time when they can burst, pop. We are also encased safely in a bubble we call planet earth that we take for granted.
Bubblews has been around for two very long years now. It is a great place to meet other people from all over the world. This is the place to speak your mind as you see fit.
So far, people think bubbles are round or curved walls, because their daily observations, so. But this is no excuse.
Bubbles or droplets after the rain. I spotted this droplets in a leaf. I'm just amazed for the reflections are very clear. Amazing!
A few writers have been talking about the "new kid on the block" This is a commentary on my discoveries, good, bad, and ugly. Whether you use the site is a personal choice - truth is this writer will continue to do so, but he also questions its future.
An Iambic tetrameter poem, rhymed in ACBD scheme, about a person who walks in rain.
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