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This the latest and year end picture of our favorites UGC writing sites as googled by this author. The ranks have changes like mythical pound for pound list since January of this year -2015- you'll be surprise to find it out.
The curtain call of supporting cast of the satirical prose about a former far away kingdom cum social writing site frequented by macro-bloggers, neo-vagabonds and republicans this Is the synopsis and unforgettable characters behind the epic fail.
The updated ranking so far of writing site based on reputable online sources
It was a roller-coaster ride with Bubblews full of great memories and heartaches. Now that it is dead, I am saying my final farewell
On line writers; lemmings running off the cliff or waiting for the toothfairy?
Online writing sites are disappearing everyday, please save your work so that you don't lose anything.
My experience with Bubblews - a website that lets people publish short posts and earn from them for every view, like and comment that each post gets.
An Overview of the landscape of writing online, the scams, the low pay, the tricks and how to avoid them
These days nothing going well with some writing sites so writers are worried and wondering where to stay for consistent earnings.
Hark back to the year 2013. An Online writing site was making waves, and doing the unthinkable till upto that time. It was paying people a great amount of money for writing Minimum 400 character Posts(akin to short articles or Blogs), sharing, commenting and Liking others' posts. Peop...
Treading carefully into the online publishing arena, avoiding the scams and focusing on the possibilities
Have you ever wondered why people choose a username on line and if it has great significance to them>
Twitter made us think in 140 character snippets and for writers this process is encouraged by the Bubblews with their use of 400 characters. Writers should question how effective short articles can be, especially if they want to build readership and earn money.
Examing the few writing sites that actually do pay for views.
Bubblews is a writing site that paid heavily for 3 years , but has now clamped down on payments. it is site that will be long remembered.
A review of my time and Bubblews and what has happened with my account there. Bubblews is a different type of social media site. Bubblews pays its member to write and interact.
After two years of creating a massive buzz and creating a fantastic second income for thousands of it's members, it sadly looks like bubblews has reached the end of the road.
My good and bad experience with Bubblews. They broke my heart when I was at my lowest point in life!
Those of us who've contributed to, and supported loyally the site known as Bubblews have become quite sick of particular treatment by the staff there. My opinion is not necessarily representative of that of anyone other than myself.
Bubblews is one of the best website for article writers before but this website is being left by the writers because of what they did, soon there will be no writer left for bubblews.
Bubblews is social network site and it is paying money for the articles, the site changed everything and it looks new and it take some time to understand to follow the site.
Bubblews is somewhat a social networking site in which you are paid to write your own world/your thoughts. Many have claimed this site to be scam but in fact this is not a scam site this site is legit, and for those who are claiming this to be scam then they must have break the rules,... is a rapidly growing social community. This website pays users for writing short articles (minimum 400 characters). If you join this site, you will earn 1 cent for every like, view, dislike etc. If you ask about my experience, one payment proof is enclosed in this post.
The world is changing and the old writing sites better revamp their business models to survive.As one can see many big sites have closed.
Are you a member or a Bubbler? Here is how you can earn $100 daily.
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