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This invention should be in museums to tell visitors about women's slavery work to keep floors and stairs clean, kneeling on the ground.
Need some help painting some rooms in your home? Why not throw a paint party and recruit your friends and neighbors to help?
Have you heard of the Bucket & Sponge Principle? I first heard of this concept in a leadership class. Basically, if your sponge soaks up too much dirty water, the only solution is to toss out your waste water and start over. Read to learn more about this concept.
Silly thoughts about what you might find behind a rainbow, if it is true is up to you, myself I don`t know.
A silly tale about a mop and bucket, with a moral at the end.
The use of buckets is receding today, yet it is such a lovely commodity.This is only a fun poem, a challenge to kick the bucket. Also some uses of the bucket is mentioned here.
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